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By Lisa Fox, 1st September 2014 67 Views Festival News, Interviews, News, Sonsiphere

We had a good old chat with Sam Rondeau-Smith and Josh Redrup from Palm Reader last month after their performance at Sonisphere. We talked stage antics, laying floors and LSD.

By Philip Whitehead, 1st September 2014 44 Views ,

A new part of the growing northern England metal scene, Leeds alt-metallers Dear Atria present an interesting proposition with their new self-titled EP, showing some excellent promise for the future with some fantastic melodic riffing and an Evanescence-esque taste for hooks. Kicking off with “Illuminate”, the post-hardcore influenced alternative metal immediately throws in melodic riffs which immediately get caught in… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 1st September 2014 107 Views News

As far as Rock Sins is concerned very sad news broke from the Shadows Fall camp last week that the Hell On Earth Tour, of which Shadows Fall are currently appearing on across Europe as special guests to Unearth, is to be the Massachusetts natives last major trip to the… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 29th August 2014 213 Views News

With the build up to their brand new album Sex In The Seventh Circle well and truly underway, London doom metal riffing superstars Hang The Bastard have a double dose of tour announcements to keep their fans happy. During the release week of Sex In The Seventh Circle in late… Read More »

By Lisa Fox, 29th August 2014 1157 Views Festival News, Interviews, News, Sonsiphere

Backstage amid the chaos at Sonisphere Knebworth 2014, Rock Sins caught up with Airbourne drummer Ryan O’Keefe about their insane live shows, touring plans, copious amounts of alcohol on their tour bus and a lot more! This is Lisa Fox from Rock Sins I’m here with Ryan from Airbourne. RO:G’day I’m Ryan from Airbourne…. Read More »