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By Jamie Giberti, 1st August 2014 287 Views News

They teased it for weeks with a steady build up and their enigmatic frontman Corey Taylor even hinted at it on his personal Twitter account but Friday has arrived and Slipknot have unveiled a brand new song! The first new piece of music to come out of the Slipknot camp… Read More »

By James, 1st August 2014 1137 Views Bloodstock, Festival News, News

It’s Bloodstock Open Air time once again! Rock Sins is sending a contingent of the team to Bloodstock festival so thought we’d get James to make a list of the really awesome things to do and see that you might have missed about Bloodstock. Just to make it better for you. Aren’t… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 31st July 2014 913 Views News

Earlier today we reported on the (at the time) latest instalment of the Slipknot teaser video saga chronicling the build up to their forthcoming album. It seems the pace of things has accelerated as the fifth teaser video from Slipknot on the official Slipknot website is no longer a series… Read More »

By Will Stevenson, 31st July 2014 510 Views , , ,

When début single “Age Of Sedation” dropped, No Sin Evades His Gaze began to turn heads. Since then, that single has had over 45,000 YouTube hits and with their first full length – also titled “Age Of Sedation” – the tech metallers are sure to not only turn heads, but blow them. Following a slightly cheesy opening monologue proclaiming us… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 31st July 2014 1487 Views News

Late last night, they did it again. Another video teaser from Iowan metal giants Slipknot surfaced across the band’s various social media platforms and on the official Slipknot website. As with the fourth teaser (which we documented here), the band have opted on their official site to show brief flashes… Read More »