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By Jamie Giberti, 28th July 2014 23 Views News

Big Cheese Magazine is delighted to announce they’re putting on a tour across the UK this October featuring two of the biggest rising stars in the UK rock and metal world of the last couple of years and pairing them up with another band who could soon join them on… Read More »

By Philip Whitehead, 28th July 2014 77 Views , ,

An End Reborn is the début album from The Russian Sleep Experiment, a young metalcore band out of Milwaukee named after the viral horror story known as a “creepypasta”. The name of the band could indicate a level of abrasion and eerie atmosphere designed to keep you awake at night (which, to be honest, can be somewhat heard in “The… Read More »

By Lisa Fox, 28th July 2014 67 Views Interviews

We caught up with “pretty boy’ rockers Canterbury at Sonisphere. This Lisa Fox for Rock Sins, I am here with Canterbury.  JP:  Hello, I’m James Pipe. I play guitar. LP:  My name is Luke Prebble, I play the bass. So guys, how’s it going? LP:  It’s going pretty well, yeah…. Read More »

By Philip Whitehead, 27th July 2014 213 Views

After making waves in Australia in 2013, rockers MASSIVE have been picked up by extreme metal legends Earache Records to release their new album, “Full Throttle”, to a global audience. One listen to the opening track “One By One” and it’s obvious why these guys are now on a global label’s roster and, while Earache may seem like an odd… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 26th July 2014 194 Views

Alter Bridge are on yet another roll; Fresh from a Summer playing their most high profile European festival slots of their careers so far, including the biggest one sub-headlining Aerosmith on the main stage of the final day of Download 2014 at Donington Park (of which you can read our… Read More »