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By James Weaver, 27th January 2015 96 Views ,

Polish blackened death metal act Hate never have quite reached the same levels of success as their fellow countrymen Behemoth but have always maintained substantial success in the underground extreme metal circuit. 2013’s Solarflesh was certainly a step in the right direction with perfectly executed riffs and a lovely fusion of the blackened death metal sound and now, two years… Read More »

By Lisa Fox, 26th January 2015 614 Views News

So…in case you missed the almighty shitstorm that blew up all over the net last night, let me update you. It was announced today that Blink-182 will perform at the Travis Barker-presented Musink Festival in California…as ‘Blink-182 with Matt Skiba‘. After the announcement, rumours spread online that guitarist Tom DeLonge had quit Blink 182. posted a… Read More »

By Lisa Fox, 26th January 2015 597 Views Interviews, News

For at least the last decade, one of my favourite bands has been Korn. The pioneering metal band have managed to outlast the majority of their peers from the nu-metal sub-genre. As I was led on to Korn’s swanky tour bus, I was struck by how massive this interview is – I… Read More »

By Lisa Fox, 25th January 2015 403 Views

Fall Out Boy have always been my guilty pleasure. Treading a very fine line between rock and pop, on a mission to make accessible contemporary music. The onomatopoeic ‘American Beauty/ American Psycho” was never going to be ‘From Under The Cork Tree Vol.2′, but then would we want it to be? Far from being American Psychos, Beauties or even Idiots, the crux of… Read More »

By Neil, 24th January 2015 227 Views

Ahead of their Scottish headline tour in a couple of weeks, Glasgow’s own pop rock outfit Altered Sky have recently released something special for their fans. In conjunction with their first appearance on W!zard Radio where they have a regular rotating radio show slot with several other bands called Show:Me… Read More »