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By ChrisAxe, 25th April 2011 326 Views

Given Brooklyn hardcore punk band Gay For Johnny Depp are fairly upfront in their intention to push the boundaries, from the eyebrow raising band or classy song titles such as ‘Sex in your mouth’, ‘Cumpassion’ and ‘Shh, put the shiv to my throat’. Add music stylings akin to The Locust, Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower and Pissed Jeans,… Read More »

By ChrisAxe, 25th April 2011 283 Views

You know what I like about Legion Of The Damned? Everything. I like the fact (and these are all undeniable facts) that when I put on a LotD album I know exactly what I’m getting; no nasty surprises, no ‘we wanted to experiment as band and try something different’, no namby pamby chords just the type of riffs that need… Read More »

By ChrisAxe, 25th April 2011 318 Views

Anticipation in my ears was high for Wisconsin thrash masters Lazarus A.D follow up to ‘The Onslaught’, an album that has been in heavy rotation since I first heard the re-released version back in 2009. If you had any type of involvement with me back then I would have been force feeding you ‘Last Breath’ as I went on a… Read More »

By ChrisAxe, 25th April 2011 501 Views

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and all that, so what better way to kick start your cheese and dip party than with a bit of Trucker Diablo. Seemingly oblivious to musical influences of the past decade, ‘The Devil Rhythm’ doesn’t so much buck the trend but rather completely ignores it in favour of producing a sing-a-long extravaganza. Leaving lofty… Read More »

By ChrisAxe, 25th April 2011 316 Views

Over there, in the corner of the room, are a list of verbs and adjectives that I usually throw in most reviews; brutal, crushing and devastating. They are glaring at some new boys who have sauntered into the review repertoire, Fabulous is leading the way along with Super and any minute now Camp will be shimmying his way into the… Read More »