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By ChrisAxe, 25th April 2011 359 Views

Before we delve into ‘Senjyu’ I need to come clean. I’ll be the first to admit that I was incredibly underwhelmed by the ‘Dreamers’ EP, the reasons being as follows. Firstly, it was being pitched as ‘Djent’ which sent me scurrying off to Urban Dictionary to find out what this meant, in turn giving me an overwhelming sense of being… Read More »

By ChrisAxe, 25th April 2011 434 Views ,

One misty morning Corey Taylor and his crew of merry men climbed aboard the good ship Stone Sour and set sail on a course towards the new album. An album that would see them entering into uncharted waters, waters that would spawn something altogether ‘darker’ than their previous outings. Now, whether it was faulty sat nav or maybe they had… Read More »

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With riffs as big as their collective beards, UK band Godsized deliver the goods on their new EP ‘The Phoney Tough & The Crazy Brave'; a three track, 15 minute foray that is laden with whale sized, cancel that, Godsized hooks, melody, passion and power. Kicking off with the title track, Godsized set the mark with their low slung southern… Read More »

By ChrisAxe, 25th April 2011 360 Views

I remember it well. I was driving home one Monday night, via the fish & chip shop as I’m a total health freak, and thought I’d try out the new ‘concept’ album from The Sword. The shiny new disc was duly inserted into the player and there it lived for a solid 5 days. I swear when I eventually did… Read More »

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In somewhat unknown personal territory for this album, the last 12 months have seen Wylde’s life radically altered. First, doctors discovered blood clots in his leg. Then, the second bomb dropped. Ozzy announced he was looking for a new guitarist. So, what does a man do in that situation. I guess he straddles his Harley Davidson with a loaded six… Read More »