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By Sam Dignon, 19th February 2014 968 Views Gig Reviews, News

When openers Hundredth (7) take to the stage the room is still mostly empty, possibly due to some confusion with the door times tonight. This turns out to be a real shame as Hundredth prove to be a great choice for an opening band. Their uplifting hardcore songs are made… Read More »

By Sam Stowe, 18th February 2014 1787 Views Gig Reviews, News

The start of the year wouldn’t be complete without one of the most consistently great touring packages of the year, the Kerrang! Tour. They’ve outdone themselves this year though, managing to get nu metal legends Limp Bizkit, Japanese metalcore heroes Crossfaith, a band with a goblin (Nekrogoblikon) and British rising… Read More »

By Sam Dignon, 17th February 2014 1173 Views Gig Reviews, News

The prospect of ska punk legends Less Than Jake teaming up with Reel Big Fish for a thoroughly good time across the UK during February 2014 was something that excited a huge amount of people. With Zebrahead also on board for the ride, this had the promise to be one… Read More »

By Sam Stowe, 13th February 2014 899 Views Gig Reviews, News

Goths and metal fans of Glasgow took over the city’s iconic venue King Tut’s Wah-Wah Hut as it played host to The Defiled’s first headline tour in Support of 2013’s Daggers, the No Place Like Home Tour. First up are The Killing Lights [6] (featuring Micheal vampire, formerly of Vampires… Read More »

By Sheldon Sinnamon, 11th February 2014 754 Views Gig Reviews, News

If you missed part one of Sheldon’s exclusive feature travelling on the road with Imperial Leisure, you can read that on this link right here. Day 2 of 3 – Salisbury – Arts Centre – Saturday 16th November 2013 Waking up in the early afternoon with a slight hangover, I… Read More »