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By Matt, 4th June 2014 1750 Views Festival News, Gig Reviews, Live Galleries, News

Words by Matt Hill, Intro and Photos by Jamie Giberti. Our first in-depth band review from the wonderful and unique Beyond the Redshift festival features one of post-metal / noise most revered figures and one of his many bands. Matt recaps how it occurred. At a festival with a roster… Read More »

By Sam Dignon, 30th May 2014 1447 Views Gig Reviews, News

Fans of technical metal were in for a treat tonight as Born Of Osiris brought their current UK tour to Manchester. After The Burial, Betraying The Martyrs and Buried In Verona rounded off tonight’s line up with some of the most impressive bands working their way up the metal scene right now. ‘Openers Buried In Verona… Read More »

By James, 21st May 2014 1803 Views Gig Reviews, News

Being a Canterbury resident for most of the year the news that Feed the Rhino were playing a 40 minute bus ride away was just too tempting for James, so without further ado he picks up the action with second support band, Zoax… Zoax (8) are the first band Rock Sins… Read More »

By Sheldon Sinnamon, 9th May 2014 1494 Views Gig Reviews, News

Tonight in the 100 Club you can feel a buzz in the air. There are high hopes and speculation that The King Blues are to be reunited. This is the first time Jamie and Itch have shared a stage since the bands devastating split in early 2012. Itch had also been teasing fans by stating, “Will… Read More »

By Lisa Fox, 1st May 2014 1145 Views Gig Reviews, News

Tonight’s LostAlone gig was a perfect example of how every single thing can go wrong, yet a good band can rise above it and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.