Ambient Reviews

District Unknown Anatomy Of A 24 Hour Lifetime Album Cover Artwork
District Unknown – [Anatomy of a 24 Hour Lifetime] (, )
1st October 2014 -

Kabul, Afghanistan. For decades, this city has been at the centre of intense conflict between Islamist fundamentalists and Afghan citizens.  While American forces have clashed with Taliban forces for over a decade in order to quell the chaos, certain strongholds for the Taliban still exist, and western influence is punishable by death. Enter a young group of upstarts going by… Read More »

Ascending Dawn Coalesce Album Artwork
Ascending Dawn – Coalesce (, )
22nd September 2014 -

London based progressive/alt-metallers Ascending Dawn are a band with a mission. The first album by this female fronted quartet, “Coalesce”, is a bold statement from such a new band, with atmosphere strong on the agenda accompanied by soaring vocals and thudding guitars to provide a fantastic auditory experience across 9 tracks. The opening tracks are fairly similar, with “All In… Read More »

Polyphia - Muse Album Artwork Cover
Polyphia – Muse (, )
10th September 2014 -

Fresh faced Texans Polyphia have created an instrumental parade with their debut Muse. Open your ears to instrumental music because this one is awesome.

The Russian Sleep Experiment - An End Reborn Album Cover
The Russian Sleep Experiment – An End Reborn (, , )
28th July 2014 -

An End Reborn is the début album from The Russian Sleep Experiment, a young metalcore band out of Milwaukee named after the viral horror story known as a “creepypasta”. The name of the band could indicate a level of abrasion and eerie atmosphere designed to keep you awake at night (which, to be honest, can be somewhat heard in “The… Read More »

Covenant - 'Leaving Babylon'
Covenant – ‘Leaving Babylon’ (, )
8th September 2013 -

Every once in a while, one takes a punt on something different. I’d say I was exceptionally broad minded when it came to the music I listen to, but even then, we all have our preferences and individual tastes… As such, it should be noted that EBM (‘electronic body music’ to those too metal to know otherwise) is, to me… Read More »