Classic Metal Reviews

The Sword – Warp Riders ()
25th April 2011 -

I remember it well. I was driving home one Monday night, via the fish & chip shop as I’m a total health freak, and thought I’d try out the new ‘concept’ album from The Sword. The shiny new disc was duly inserted into the player and there it lived for a solid 5 days. I swear when I eventually did… Read More »

Order Of The Black Album Cover
Black Label Society – Order Of The Black (, )
25th April 2011 -

In somewhat unknown personal territory for this album, the last 12 months have seen Wylde’s life radically altered. First, doctors discovered blood clots in his leg. Then, the second bomb dropped. Ozzy announced he was looking for a new guitarist. So, what does a man do in that situation. I guess he straddles his Harley Davidson with a loaded six… Read More »

From Sea To Sky Album Cover
Heights – From Sea To Sky (, , )
25th April 2011 -

The world of progressive post-rock is a difficult genre for a band to stand out from the crowd. With so many bands persuing the repeated trickle of notes for several minutes that eventually builds into an all too predictable crescendo, it is refreshing to hear that Heights have taken a different path along their soundscape. The three piece from Reading… Read More »

The More I See - Tread The Darker Path Album Artwork
The More I See – Tread The Darker Path ()
25th April 2011 -

Back in 2008, The More I See released ‘The Unholy Feast’ a beast of an album that was hands down my album of the year, an album so good in fact that it retained it’s title with me for 2009. So now in 2010 with a fresh line-up of ridiculously young musicians TMIS is back with a tweaked and honed… Read More »

Falling Red - Shake The Faith Album Cover
Falling Red – Shake The Faith ()
25th April 2011 -

In an industry of manufactured one hit wonders, Falling Red, have produced quite possibly the most vital Rock album since Guns N Roses delivered Appetite For Destruction. Super-charged high octane anthems that take you to the sleazy side of town, intoxicate you, then kick your ass UFC style. Falling Red aren’t Saturday evening family entertainment, they are a glimpse back… Read More »