Classic Metal Reviews

dream theater - a dramatic turn of events album cover
Dream Theater – A Dramatic Turn Of Events (, , )
8th September 2011 -

The first Dream Theater album without Mike Portnoy was always going to be a very interesting experience. After the band’s long and well publicised search for his replacement, they found a most capable drummer in Mike Mangini, no less than the fastest drummer in the world. With Mike on board the band set about carving out the first Dream Theater… Read More »

hell - human remains
Hell – Human Remains ()
12th May 2011 -

[gameinfo title=”Album Info” album_name=”Human Remains” publishers=”Nuclear Blast” genres=”NWOBHM” release_date=”13/05/11″ buy_link=””] Albums like this really don’t come along too often. In an age where music is so easily accessible and consequentially disposable, it is rare to find an album that will bully its way into your eardrums, kicking out any other bands vying for your attention. Way back when, I would… Read More »

Cauldron Burning Fortune
Cauldron – Burning Fortune ()
25th April 2011 -

The problem with Traditional Metal is in the title, it’s traditional, hence it’s been done before by bands who created the sound, and that we now love. Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon, Def Leppard, Diamond Head, the list goes on. These bands shaped the new wave of British heavy metal and produced albums that are now part of our psyche,… Read More »

Neglience - Coordinates of Confusion Album Cover
Negligence – Coordinates of Confusion (, )
25th April 2011 -

I have recently had quite a large backlog of albums for review, so I decided to pick one at random, and landed on a band called Negligence, who I knew nothing about, so I was in the world of the musical unknown. Negligence hail from Slovenia, and to my knowledge are one of the first metal bands from their country (if… Read More »

Alter Bridge – AB III (, , )
25th April 2011 -

Artist: Alter Bridge Album Title: AB III Release Date: October 2010 Record Label: Roadrunner Records For Fans Of: Creed, Fozzy, Slash, Guns N Roses, Led Zeppellin, Foo Fighters, Metallica I’m going to start this review off by admitting something “uncool”. I really liked Creed back in the day. There, I said it, abuse will descend upon me from Twitter and… Read More »