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Architects - Lost Forever Lost Together Album Cover
Architects – Lost Forever // Lost Together (, )
27th May 2014 -

Architects are back with their sixth and most exceptional album to date, Lost Forever // Lost Together, which will undoubtedly propel the Brighton quintet to a new career high. Starting off proceedings with Gravedigger and it’s sly ambient introduction you get an utter brute of a song. Delivering the riff of the album into the breakdowns, modern, technical and addictive… Read More »

Delain The Human Contradiction Album Cover
Delain – The Human Contradiction (, )
21st May 2014 -

The Human Contradiction is the third release in as many years from Dutch symphonic metallers Delain. While this shouldn’t be something to complain about, surely with such a rapid release of music, the quality will be affected. Right? Well actually the answer is no. Getting off to a blinding start; ‘Here Comes the Vultures’ has an eerie, ethereal feel to it as Charlotte Wellbury’s… Read More »

Sabaton Heroes Album Cover
Sabaton – Heroes (, )
16th May 2014 -

If you wanted a lazy and probably well-trodden comparison to describe Sabaton to someone who wasn’t sure who they are, you wouldn’t be too far off with Iron Maiden. It could be a compliment to the bands epic, melodic and historical-themed anthems, or a critique of both band’s nerdy appeal and inability to really develop properly. Or vice-versa. Metal is… Read More »

Bury Tomorrow - Runes
Bury Tomorrow – Runes (, )
15th May 2014 -

Bury Tomorrow cemented themselves firmly in the UK metal scene back in 2012 with the release of their breakthrough album, The Union Of Crowns. Now – two years later – they’re back with their latest effort, Runes. Early single Man On Fire kicks things off with a blast. In the months since its release, it has swiftly become a fan… Read More »

Lost Society Terror Hungry Album Cover
Lost Society – Terror Hungry (, )
13th May 2014 -

Unlike no other, Lost Society have thrown a spanner in the works with their second studio album Terror Hungry encasing playfulness and an unending amount of energy. From start to finish this thrash metal quartet seem intent on emulating the 80’s Thrash sound and whilst it may seem meaningless to many, there are plentiful fans who want to re-live what was one of the… Read More »