Metal Reviews

Fozzy Do You Wanna Start A War Album Cover
Fozzy – Do You Wanna Start A War (, )
18th July 2014 -

In 2014, Fozzy are well on the way to becoming the “huge rock stars” they always professed to be back in the early days of the band (complete with fabricated backstory and frontman Chris Jericho’s alter ego Mongoose McQueen). Their last two albums, Chasing The Grail and in particular Sin & Bones have solidified their reputation as a genuine, entertaining… Read More »

Throwdown – Intolerance (, )
1st July 2014 -

Having been a band for nearly twenty years now, Throwdown are well known for their ability to write a riff that hits like a speeding train and their abrasive, Phil Anselmo esque vocals. Their newest album, Intolerance is a short, brutal and in your face slab of hardcore. It’s nothing new, bearing heavy Hatebreed and Pantera influences, but it does… Read More »

Steel Panther All You Can Eat Album Cover
Steel Panther – All You Can Eat (, )
26th June 2014 -

Good times are abound in the world of Steel Panther. Their profile, particularly in the UK has never been higher and they’ve just performed their highest profile performance at the Download Festival so far at the 2014 edition. They’ve also announced their first UK arena show at Wembley Arena for March 2015 on the back of the release of their… Read More »

Triptykon Melana Chasmata Album Artwork
Triptykon – Melana Chasmata (, )
11th June 2014 -

Tom G Warrior has always been at the forefront of progress; constantly creating challenging, boundary altering music. After the unfortunate demise of Celtic Frost his latest project, Triptykon arose from the ashes with the monolithically heavy ‘Eparistera Daimones.’ One of, if not the most heavy albums of recording history (and I don’t say that lightly) Eparistera also maintained a sense… Read More »

Arch Enemy War Eternal Album Cover
Arch Enemy – War Eternal ()
9th June 2014 -

The news that Angela Gossow was stepping down from frontwoman duties with Swedish metal favourites Arch Enemy was quite the bombshell a few months ago; Her replacement, Alissa White-Gluz, formerly of The Agonist, seemed a fairly popular choice for taking on vocal duties but one can never be sure how these things will turn out. Title track from their (then… Read More »