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Wovenwar Self-Titled Album Cover
Wovenwar – Wovenwar (Self-Titled) ()
22nd August 2014 -

From the ashes of As I Lay Dying have arisen Wovenwar – the remaining members of As I Lay Dying with a new singer in the shape of Oh, Sleeper’s Shane Blay. Their début self-titled album launched with a bang recently and so Rock Sins’ have given it the thorough assessment it deserves. After the intro, it is abundantly clear… Read More »

The Webs We Weave - Unforgiven EP Artwork
The Webs We Weave – Unforgiven EP (, )
7th August 2014 -

Despite taking their name from an Escape The Fate song, Japanese quintet The Webs We Weave lean more on the metalcore/deathcore side of the metal spectrum. Having only been around for a short time, they’ve managed to release a short 3 track EP as a statement of intent for their sound. While definitely sounding somewhat rushed in places, there is… Read More »

Prayed and Betrayed - The Abundance Of A Sickened Mind E.P Album Cover
Prayed and Betrayed – The Abundance of a Sickened Mind E.P (, )
5th August 2014 -

Finland is certainly a hotbed for melodic death metal bands. Having produced such greats as Insomnium, Ensiferum, Children of Bodom and Wintersun in the past, it’s now time for Prayed and Betrayed to enter the fray with their debut EP, “The Abundance of a Sickened Mind”. And it’s a terrific statement of intent from this band to attempt to emulate… Read More »

Tacit Fury - A Social Berserker Album Cover
Tacit Fury – A Social Berserker (, )
4th August 2014 -

Hailing from the place once known as Stalingrad, Russia, Tacit Fury deliver a brand of death metal not unlike viral stars Dying Fetus (“Why Not Dying Fetus?”), with influences such as Sepultura, Carcass and Metallica adding tight groove to the trio’s sheer extremeness. Their new album, “A Social Berserker”, is a thoroughly enjoyable piece of Russian brutality with foot stomping… Read More »

Album Art - 1500 x 1500
No Sin Evades His Gaze – Age Of Sedation Review (, , , )
31st July 2014 -

When début single “Age Of Sedation” dropped, No Sin Evades His Gaze began to turn heads. Since then, that single has had over 45,000 YouTube hits and with their first full length – also titled “Age Of Sedation” – the tech metallers are sure to not only turn heads, but blow them. Following a slightly cheesy opening monologue proclaiming us… Read More »