Metal Reviews

The Russian Sleep Experiment - An End Reborn Album Cover
The Russian Sleep Experiment – An End Reborn (, , )
28th July 2014 -

An End Reborn is the début album from The Russian Sleep Experiment, a young metalcore band out of Milwaukee named after the viral horror story known as a “creepypasta”. The name of the band could indicate a level of abrasion and eerie atmosphere designed to keep you awake at night (which, to be honest, can be somewhat heard in “The… Read More »

Anti-Mortem New Southern Album Cover
Anti-Mortem – New Southern (, )
24th July 2014 -

For those who worship the southern rock infused metal stylings of Pantera and the whole New Orleans circle of the 1990s, there may not have been much in the way of new music to truly look forward to in recent years. While Down have more or less carried off where Pantera left off and hardcore punk bands such as Cancer… Read More »

Mastodon – Once More ‘Round The Sun (, )
23rd July 2014 -

Once More ‘Round The Sun, Mastodon’s latest studio album is the latest in a long and varied career from one of heavy music’s greatest treasures. Last album ‘The Hunter’ certainly made a noticeable effort to be more ‘accessible’ especially after the progressive epic ‘Crack the Skye’ that preceded it. So how does this latest effort compare? Well, ‘Once More ‘Round… Read More »

Fozzy Do You Wanna Start A War Album Cover
Fozzy – Do You Wanna Start A War (, )
18th July 2014 -

In 2014, Fozzy are well on the way to becoming the “huge rock stars” they always professed to be back in the early days of the band (complete with fabricated backstory and frontman Chris Jericho’s alter ego Mongoose McQueen). Their last two albums, Chasing The Grail and in particular Sin & Bones have solidified their reputation as a genuine, entertaining… Read More »

Throwdown – Intolerance (, )
1st July 2014 -

Having been a band for nearly twenty years now, Throwdown are well known for their ability to write a riff that hits like a speeding train and their abrasive, Phil Anselmo esque vocals. Their newest album, Intolerance is a short, brutal and in your face slab of hardcore. It’s nothing new, bearing heavy Hatebreed and Pantera influences, but it does… Read More »