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Triptykon Melana Chasmata Album Artwork
Triptykon – Melana Chasmata (, )
11th June 2014 -

Tom G Warrior has always been at the forefront of progress; constantly creating challenging, boundary altering music. After the unfortunate demise of Celtic Frost his latest project, Triptykon arose from the ashes with the monolithically heavy ‘Eparistera Daimones.’ One of, if not the most heavy albums of recording history (and I don’t say that lightly) Eparistera also maintained a sense… Read More »

Arch Enemy War Eternal Album Cover
Arch Enemy – War Eternal ()
9th June 2014 -

The news that Angela Gossow was stepping down from frontwoman duties with Swedish metal favourites Arch Enemy was quite the bombshell a few months ago; Her replacement, Alissa White-Gluz, formerly of The Agonist, seemed a fairly popular choice for taking on vocal duties but one can never be sure how these things will turn out. Title track from their (then… Read More »

carnifex die without hope
Carnifex – Die Without Hope Review (, , )
4th June 2014 -

In the three years since deathcore veterans Carnifex released their last album, Until I Feel Nothing, their scene has floundered somewhat. It’s certainly no longer the juggernaut it was in the mid-2000s. But, on their first album back from a short hiatus, Carnifex are bigger, better and bolder than ever. Having something of an orchestral presence isn’t exactly a rarity… Read More »

Sworn To Oath Pillars Album Cover
Sworn To Oath – Pillars ()
3rd June 2014 -

Hailing from Stoke-on-Trent, Sworn to Oath have been making waves in the underground metal scene since their formation in 2009. They’ve finally released their first album. And what a fantastic album it is. Pillars commands attention from the very first second. Outcast is two minutes of glorious, visceral metal. It sets the tone for this album; relentless. Next is Forever… Read More »

The Algorithm Octopus4 Album Cover
The Algorithm – Octopus4 (, , )
28th May 2014 -

It’s all gone a bit Pete Tong as the saying goes… or has it? Could the latest album from French musician Rémi Gallego (The Algorithm) pass as music? It’s like a spaceship dissected into little bits of music, but then it’s a computer game sound track and the whole cyber space world is colliding. What is being said doesn’t even make sense… Read More »