Metal Reviews

The Algorithm Octopus4 Album Cover
The Algorithm – Octopus4 (, , )
28th May 2014 -

It’s all gone a bit Pete Tong as the saying goes… or has it? Could the latest album from French musician Rémi Gallego (The Algorithm) pass as music? It’s like a spaceship dissected into little bits of music, but then it’s a computer game sound track and the whole cyber space world is colliding. What is being said doesn’t even make sense… Read More »

Architects - Lost Forever Lost Together Album Cover
Architects – Lost Forever // Lost Together (, )
27th May 2014 -

Architects are back with their sixth and most exceptional album to date, Lost Forever // Lost Together, which will undoubtedly propel the Brighton quintet to a new career high. Starting off proceedings with Gravedigger and it’s sly ambient introduction you get an utter brute of a song. Delivering the riff of the album into the breakdowns, modern, technical and addictive… Read More »

Delain The Human Contradiction Album Cover
Delain – The Human Contradiction (, )
21st May 2014 -

The Human Contradiction is the third release in as many years from Dutch symphonic metallers Delain. While this shouldn’t be something to complain about, surely with such a rapid release of music, the quality will be affected. Right? Well actually the answer is no. Getting off to a blinding start; ‘Here Comes the Vultures’ has an eerie, ethereal feel to it as Charlotte Wellbury’s… Read More »

Sabaton Heroes Album Cover
Sabaton – Heroes (, )
16th May 2014 -

If you wanted a lazy and probably well-trodden comparison to describe Sabaton to someone who wasn’t sure who they are, you wouldn’t be too far off with Iron Maiden. It could be a compliment to the bands epic, melodic and historical-themed anthems, or a critique of both band’s nerdy appeal and inability to really develop properly. Or vice-versa. Metal is… Read More »

Bury Tomorrow - Runes
Bury Tomorrow – Runes (, )
15th May 2014 -

Bury Tomorrow cemented themselves firmly in the UK metal scene back in 2012 with the release of their breakthrough album, The Union Of Crowns. Now – two years later – they’re back with their latest effort, Runes. Early single Man On Fire kicks things off with a blast. In the months since its release, it has swiftly become a fan… Read More »