Metal Reviews

Black Sabbath – 13 (, )
9th July 2013 -

There’s pressure to perform and then there is pressure to perform. Before discussing the relative merits of a NEW Black Sabbath album let’s examine the facts; this is an album by the inventors of an entire genre that has developed over the years into a sub-culture/way of life, it’s their first under the name since 1995’s Forbidden, their first to… Read More »

Extol cover
Extol – Extol (Self Titled) (, , )
3rd July 2013 -

Extol are a norwegian extreme metal band recently re-formed after a period of inactivity, their latest self-titled effort sees the band bringing in producer Jens Bogren – who has worked with bands such as Opeth, Paradise Lost and Enslaved. Opeth offer a good reference to the sound of this self-titled effort; death metal utilizing dark and light textures although where Opeth… Read More »

Megadeth Super Collider Album Artwork Cover
Megadeth – Super Collider (, , )
6th June 2013 -

Artist: Megadeth Album: Super Collider Record Label: Tradecraft / UMe Release Date: 10th June 2013 For Fans Of: The Big Four, Disturbed, American Radio Hard Rock Since their comeback in 2005 with The System Has Failed, Megadeth have had a solid run of enjoyable albums. Both United Abominations and Endgame were excellent for the most part, The System Has Failed… Read More »

L Sol Tace The Carcass Of Eternity Album Cover
L Sol Tace – The Carcass Of Eternity ()
29th May 2013 -

L Sol Tace are a name in British metal that many won’t be familiar with. Having been around for a couple of years now, the London based four piece recently struck a massive break; Their debut album The Carcass Of Eternity was given away with the April 2013 edition of Terrorizer magazine, catapulting L Sol Tace’s music into the hands… Read More »

Evile – Skull (, )
20th May 2013 -

Evile’s fourth album – ‘Skull’ continues the British thrash collectives’ evolution. Where their last release – ‘Five Serpents Teeth’ adopted a more mid-paced dynamic often reminiscent of Metallica, ‘Skull’ does a better job of fusing the speed of their earlier work with the weightier riffs of ‘Five Serpents Teeth’. Nowhere is this more clear than on title track ‘Skull’ which… Read More »