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Opeth Pale Communion Album Cover Artwork
Opeth – Pale Communion (, , )
27th August 2014 -

In the eyes of many, Opeth can do no wrong. Sitting alongside Dream Theater and Mastodon as the kings of the progressive metal genre, they threw their fans an almighty curve-ball with previous album Heritage. Would their eleventh album Pale Communion continue the path started by Heritage or return to more familiar territory? From the outset with the jazz inspired… Read More »

Mount Salem - Endless Album Cover
Mount Salem – Endless (, )
11th March 2014 -

Having been signed by Metal Blade Records, Chicago’s Mount Salem are about to release an extended version of their 2013 E.P. The band only formed in 2012, yet album Endless is very mature. Bringing together a mix of torture driven souls, metal riffs and chilly elegant gothic glamour. With haunting melodies, angst infused lyrics and echoing guitar, this is the… Read More »

Steven Wilson – The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories) ()
20th February 2013 -

In this faced paced, digital, modern world there would appear to be little use for an artist like Steven Wilson. It’s all about instant gratification within three minutes these days, a click on your iTunes here, a flick through your Spotify there. No room for albums, let alone conceptual albums featuring multi-instrumentation epics and a linear narrative, these days. Who… Read More »

Exit Ten Give Me Infinity Album Cover
Exit Ten – Give Me Infinity (, , , )
18th October 2011 -

Artist: Exit Ten Album: Give Me Infinity Release Date: 10th October 2011 Record Label: Deep Burn For Fans Of: Boysetsfire, Maybeshewill, Long Distance Calling, Tool, Mastodon It feels like Exit Ten are a band whom a lot of people have been waiting for to “make it”. The Reading quintet have been around for a few years but due to various… Read More »

Opeth - 'Heritage'
Opeth – Heritage (, , )
1st October 2011 -

Opeth… quite simply one of the best bands around, and one of my favourites. What follows is a review of their latest album, the opinion dividing ‘Heritage’. Now, firstly it should be noted that Opeth are not a band of convention; they have always said that they are not afraid to experiment and diverse themselves with their musical direction. They… Read More »