Punk Reviews

Hold the Fight – ‘With a Breath and a Hope’ (, , )
18th March 2013 -

Hold the Fight’s debut mini album – ‘With a Breath and a Hope’ offers the listener a unique take on bands such as Funeral for a Friend. Where Funerals guitar are loaded up with distortion however, ‘Hold the Fight’ have adopted a more ‘twangy’ (for want of a better word) indie-centric guitar tone. That’s not to say Hold the Fight… Read More »

The Bronx – IV (, )
22nd January 2013 -

Over the course of three stellar albums The Bronx have positioned themselves as the go to guys for the Punk purists pursuit of danger, unpredictability and raw, scathing noise. With such a compelling back catalogue it could be argued that if any modern Punk band deserve a shot at wider mainstream acceptance and approval then surely these are the folks… Read More »

YD Cold Chillin Front cover
Your Demise – Cold Chillin’ (, , )
16th January 2013 -

Four tracks, 12 minutes, 1,000,000 riffs. Your Demise are back, and they’ve got a point to prove. Last year’s The Golden Age split the band’s fanbase down the middle. Some people embraced the new direction Your Demise had taken, others weren’t so keen. The increased use of clean vocals and the pop punk style of some songs were a step… Read More »

Papa Roach – The Connection (, , , , )
25th October 2012 -

Papa Roach first rose to prominence in the early 2000’s ‘nu-metal explosion’ with smash hit ‘Last Resort’ – a song that’s still played in rock clubs everywhere and, seven albums later Papa Roach are still penning huge, bouncy and fun rock songs, this time introducing electronic elements to the more traditional rock sound that the band have explored on recent… Read More »

Royal Republic – Save the Nation (, )
17th October 2012 -

Save the Nation the second release by Swedish Hard Rock band Royal Republic takes a derivative hard rock formula into which a heady sense of reckless fun is enthused. Songs like the title track ‘Save the Nation’ will plaster a huge grin on your face with its anthemic chorus shrieking “a vote for me is a vote for you” backed… Read More »