Rock Reviews

Clutch – Earth Rocker (, , )
4th February 2013 -

The esteemed director Quentin Tarantino recently commented that it doesn’t matter how each of his individual films are received, but how his whole body of work is considered. It’s also true of bands. One poor album can consign you to the scrapheap even if you’ve put out gem after gem previously. The rope around Clutch’s neck is far looser than… Read More »

Fourth Quarter Comeback The Only Way We Know Album Cover
Fourth Quarter Comeback – The Only Way We Know ()
28th January 2013 -

The Only Way We Know is the second album from four piece pop rock band Fourth Quarter Comeback – think Something Corporate meets The Summer Set and you’re on the right track. The album has a happy, optimistic feel which is sure to have gets teenage toes tapping and hearts racing. The sassy energy of  this collection of youthful, bright-eyed… Read More »

The Bronx – IV (, )
22nd January 2013 -

Over the course of three stellar albums The Bronx have positioned themselves as the go to guys for the Punk purists pursuit of danger, unpredictability and raw, scathing noise. With such a compelling back catalogue it could be argued that if any modern Punk band deserve a shot at wider mainstream acceptance and approval then surely these are the folks… Read More »

Soundgarden – King Animal (, )
14th January 2013 -

Near the end of ‘King Animal’s tenth track ‘Halfway Down’ Chris Cornell sings “I would say you’re doing better than most, but not as well as some” and, intentionally or not, he sums up Soundgarden’s return as well as anyone ever could. It’s very rare that a band reform and immediately make the best work of their career after all,… Read More »

Papa Roach – The Connection (, , , , )
25th October 2012 -

Papa Roach first rose to prominence in the early 2000’s ‘nu-metal explosion’ with smash hit ‘Last Resort’ – a song that’s still played in rock clubs everywhere and, seven albums later Papa Roach are still penning huge, bouncy and fun rock songs, this time introducing electronic elements to the more traditional rock sound that the band have explored on recent… Read More »