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Wilson Full Blast Fuckery Album Cover
Wilson – Full Blast Fuckery (, , )
17th September 2014 -

Wilson have come flying out of Michigan with their new album, “Full Blast Fuckery”. Their party oriented, southern rock influenced brand of hardcore is a sure fire mosher for those who love their music loud, heavy and fast but they may not have quite the impact that they’d hoped for. The album is full speed from the get go with… Read More »

Frank Iero frnkiero andthe cellabration stomachaches album cover
FrnkIero andthe Cellabration – Stomachaches ()
21st August 2014 -

It was a ballsy move for Frank Iero to not release a re-hash of the MCR sound that launched him into the stratosphere. On ‘Stomachaches’ we experience his first solo foray, and it’s unlike anything you’d have heard before from him, not the anthemic sound of My Chemical Romance nor the raw aggression of hardcore outfit Leathermouth. The album gets… Read More »

TOADM Savages
Theory Of A Deadman – Savages ()
15th August 2014 -

It seems after 4 albums of heartache, Theory Of A Deadman singer Tyler Connolly has finally moved on, to the desensitization of our culture. “It’s such a different record for us,” Tyler comments. “I’m known as the guy who writes all the ‘breakup’ songs. It would have been typical to write more, so I did just the opposite. There’s something very… Read More »

Massive Full Throttle Album Cover
Massive – Full Throttle ()
27th July 2014 -

After making waves in Australia in 2013, rockers MASSIVE have been picked up by extreme metal legends Earache Records to release their new album, “Full Throttle”, to a global audience. One listen to the opening track “One By One” and it’s obvious why these guys are now on a global label’s roster and, while Earache may seem like an odd… Read More »

Anti-Mortem New Southern Album Cover
Anti-Mortem – New Southern (, )
24th July 2014 -

For those who worship the southern rock infused metal stylings of Pantera and the whole New Orleans circle of the 1990s, there may not have been much in the way of new music to truly look forward to in recent years. While Down have more or less carried off where Pantera left off and hardcore punk bands such as Cancer… Read More »