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By Jamie Giberti, 5th September 2011 200 Views Interviews, News

Before the last night of their recent UK tour, I was able to catch up with Fozzy co-founder Rich Ward who was kind enough to give me a large amount of his time. We talked about a lot of different things, but the first thing on the agenda was that… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 2nd August 2011 386 Views News

Rock Sins’ favourites Fozzy have announced they will return to the UK one last time in support of the Chasing The Grail album before heading into the studio to record the follow up. Chris Jericho, Rich Ward and the rest of Fozzy will hit the UK shores in November for… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 22nd July 2011 307 Views Gig Reviews, News

Those “huge rock stars” Fozzy, led by the all round entertainer Chris ‘Y2J’ Jericho and The Duke Of Metal Rich Ward hit London for the first time in over a year on Sunday night for the last night of what has been Fozzy’s biggest European tour to date. We went… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 25th April 2011 198 Views , ,

Dangerous New Machine are a band that not too many people on the UK side of the Atlantic may have heard of. I confess,¬†until meeting Dangerous New Machine guitarist Billy Grey (read Rocksins interview with Billy here) when he was in his other role as Axeman for FOZZY I had not heard of them either. Billy was generous enough to… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 25th April 2011 131 Views ,

Five years after the release of their breakthrough album All That Remains, The “huge rock stars” of Fozzy, led by Chris Jericho and Stuck Mojo’s Rich Ward return with their new album Chasing The Grail, an album that has been attracting almost universal praise from all corners. What do we at Rocksins think of it? Read on to find out…… Read More »