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By Sam Savigny, 18th April 2019 ,

As the sound of waves raging against rocks echoes out into the void, Funeral March For Modern Man, the introductory song for Cirith Gorgor’s latest album, Sovereign, begins. It is a melancholic and elegiac, stunted piece that is somewhat hopeful in its harmonies and stringed accompaniment. It is the inly moment of optimism in the album. As it ends the… Read More »

By Sam Savigny, 18th April 2019 , ,

Opening with the curiously titled, Bumgardener, Inter Arma’s new album Sulphur English starts out brooding and intense. The first track proper, A Waxen Sea arrives as a doomy, crushing beast with surprisingly catchy refrains comprising its middle section. The vocals are reminiscent of the very heaviest that doom metal has to offer, bordering on death metal with their ferocious, low… Read More »

By Neil, 17th April 2019 News, Rocksins Spotify Playlist

It’s time for another fresh batch of wonderful rock, metal and all things heavy with the latest installment to our Spotify Playlist feature! As usual, we’ve got the usual assortment of brand new singles and album tracks mixed with some classic old favourites. This time out, we’ve got brand new… Read More »

By Sam Dignon, 4th April 2019 Interviews, News

Polar have spent the last 10 years being one of the UK’s hardest working bands. Now head of the release of their fourth album Nova, we caught up with Adam “Woody” Woodford, Tom Green, Jonny Bowman and Fabian “Fab” Lomas. With their new album on the horizon there was plenty to catch up on as well… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 4th April 2019 News

The Darkness are back! Lowestoft’s mightiest rock heroes have this morning announced their brand new album, Easter Is Cancelled, will be released on the 4th of October 2019 through Cooking Vinyl. The news of the album was unveiled in this quite brilliant video, featuring The Darkness’s main man Justin Hawkins… Read More »