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By Sam Savigny, 19th June 2019 Features, Interviews, News, Special Features

The St Pierre Snake Invasion are on the cusp of releasing their second album, Caprice Enchanté. An album that is guaranteed to be making headway come the inevitable end of year awards, the world should rightly be on tenterhooks for reviews of this Goliath to drop. What better was than… Read More »

By Claire Frays, 18th June 2019 Download, Festival News, Interviews, News

Ahead of their second ever performance at Download Festival, Rock Sins caught up with frontman Derek DiScanio and lead guitarist Tyler Szalkowski from the American Pop Punk band, State Champs to talk anniversaries, adapting to the changing music industry and that one time Tyler chugged a bottle of Lucozade Sport… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 18th June 2019 News

Following their titanic set at the 2019 Download Festival (review coming very soon) – Viking metal giants Amon Amarth have announced a huge UK tour. Returning at the end of the year, Amon Amarth are returning for three shows in Birmingham, Manchester and London. They’re not coming alone either –… Read More »

By Sam Savigny, 18th June 2019 , ,

Bokassa have had a fantastic start to their career. As in, it literally is someone’s fantasy to be in their position. The Norwegian trio released Divide & Conquer to media and audience praise, and the band have played shows across most of the world. Above all, they were dubbed “my new favourite band” by the drumming demiurge himself, Lars Ulrich,… Read More »

By Sam Savigny, 17th June 2019 ,

Beginnings are difficult. Take this review for example; hours were spent thinking about an ideal introduction that would tie the article together thematically, as well as providing a snappy start. Imagine then just how painstaking and meticulous the decision of how to start an album must be. It’s the first thing the listener will hear, bar any promotional singles released… Read More »