Sunday, June 13, 2021

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Boy Jumps Ship Band Promo Photo 2014

Interview with Gav and Joe from Boy Jumps Ship at Sonisphere 2014

Newcastle rockers Boy Jumps Ship opened one of the stages at Sonisphere this year – just one of the many things they’ve managed to fit in to 2014. After the release of their new EP there’s no doubt that Boy Jumps Ship are on the rise and have no intention of stopping just yet. Check out what they had to say about their Sonisphere show, and everything else they’ve been up to.

Soulfly Premier Their Brand New Video For “World Scum”

Brazillian metal legends Soulfly, led by the equally legendary Max Cavalera have announced the release of their brand new music video for the song...
Bokassa - Crimson Riders Album Cover Artwork

Bokassa – Crimson Riders

Bokassa have had a fantastic start to their career. As in, it literally is someone’s fantasy to be in their position. The Norwegian trio...
Collision Satanic Surgery Album Cover

Collision – Satanic Surgery

Speed demons Collision are back for another devastatingly intense session of ‘Satanic Surgery’. Whether you leave with a thumping headache, boiling blood pressure or a...

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