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By Philip Whitehead, 16th January 2017 , ,

Spain is something of an oddity in that, despite having popular festivals and being a regular stop point for European tours, the local scene has still yet to throw out any truly outstanding bands. The latest act to attempt to remedy that is the alternative metal group Kitsune Art, who released their first album Signals of Synchronism in December. Delivering… Read More »

By James, 16th January 2017 End Of Year Awards, Features, News

The next entrant in Rock Sins traditional end of year awards is longtime contributor and senior writer James Halstead. Never one to shy away from a strong opinion or two, here is what James made of 2016’s musical output… Album of the Year – Architects – All Our Gods Have… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 16th January 2017 ,

The Devil Wears Prada are for my money the most unappreciated band of the current metalcore era. They have been consistently brilliant since turning a corner in 2010 with their fantastic ‘Zombie’ e.p and haven’t looked back since. Their latest album Transit Blues is keen to carry on the band’s streak of brilliance, albeit with a more restrained sound than… Read More »

By Philip Whitehead, 13th January 2017 Gig Reviews, News

90s nostalgia has been steadily growing for a few years now, so it came as no surprise when two of the biggest nu metal acts of the era, Korn and Limp Bizkit, announced a joint-headline tour through the UK in late 2016. With hardcore stalwarts Madball joining in on the… Read More »

By Ali Cooper, 13th January 2017 ,

The extravagantly produced, theme-driven AFI have been left in the 2000s, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. ‘Miss Murder’ and ‘Summer Shudder’ are untouchable in their own right, and ‘The Blood Album’ realises that today’s goth punk scene needs something more substantial than blockbusting hits. Take the New Romantic tones of ‘Still a Stranger’ and the brooding Cure-esque goth… Read More »