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By Simon Crampton, 16th January 2019 , ,

Genuine life altering, game changing bands, much like vampire slayers usually only come around once in a generation. Apparently nobody gave  Jason Aalon Butler the memo though, as the world had just finished mourning the loss of Letlive when he came back with a vengeance with Fever 333. Coming into 2019 on the crest of a wave after a stellar 2018… Read More »

By Shaun Brown, 16th January 2019 ,

This far into such a long and distinguished career, it’s rather difficult for bands like Malevolent Creation to continue evolving their sound and managing to stand out in amongst the often crowded, often brilliant metal scene of 2019. If keeping up with the times wasn’t hard enough, the US quartet have also had to deal with the added tragedy of… Read More »

By Sam Dignon, 15th January 2019 ,

Greatest hits albums can often be pretty divisive. Whilst plenty of fans do enjoy these collections of a bands best material they are often criticised as lazy cash grabs and their existence is hard to justify. Still every now and then a greatest hits collection comes along that is just such a strong collection of songs that requires no justification. Twenty serves… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 10th January 2019 End Of Year Awards, Features, News

Still going strong, the 2018 Rock Sins End Of Year Awards welcome our second special guest – Metal Hammer scribe and Stereoboard’s resident metal expert, Alec Chillingworth. With his awards coming all the way from Sweden, we wonder if his choices might have a slightly Scandinavian flavour or not. Read… Read More »

By Sam Savigny, 10th January 2019 ,

The 1980s were the glory days for a multitude of musical disciplines. The genre that had the biggest and longest lasting impact – at least in the realms of heavy music – was undeniably thrash. Whether it’s Master of Puppets or Raining Blood that instantly jumps to mind, it was a decade that saw a golden age for metal, with… Read More »