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By Sam Dignon, 26th June 2017 Gig Reviews, News

With their second album Self Supremacy finally released.¬†Malevolence¬†set off on a headline tour of the UK so remind everyone exactly why they were one of the most talked about hardcore bands when they first emerged. As the tour made it’s way to London, Rock Sins caught the action. No Zodiac… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 23rd June 2017 Download, Features, Festival News, News, Special Features

Let’s face it, about two weeks prior to the annual rock and metal pilgramage to Donington for the Download Festival, weather watch becomes a favourite pasttime for a large amount of the festival going community. Having ranged from looking horrendous (ala many of the recent previous years) to not too… Read More »

By Neil, 22nd June 2017 Features, News, Video Of The Week

Last time out it was Canada’s finest Courage My Love who won the video of the week battle. We’re back again with another five bands who are all hoping for your votes to add them to the 2017 winners list! We’re kicking things off this week with our old friends… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 22nd June 2017 Features, News, Video Of The Week

Having had a long, hard fought battle with two UK metal acts, Ketos and Fire Red Empress, eventually Canadian natives Courage My Love were able to triumph in Rock Sins most recent video of the week contest. It was a very close run thing, with only 23 votes separating Courage… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 22nd June 2017 Download, Features, Festival News, Gig Reviews, News, Special Features

Team Rock Sins was out in force at Download 2017, so in order to make our festival coverage from this year’s Download the most enjoyable and readable it can be, we’ve decided to break things up a bit. Here’s our view of what happened on The Avalanche Stage and The… Read More »