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By Jamie Giberti, 18th March 2019 News

S&M by Metallica is rightly heralded as THE defining live metal album of the last twenty years (sorry Maiden fans). The iconic 1999 album, created when Metallica teamed up with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra and conductor Michael Kamen (RIP) for two nights at San Francisco’s Filmore, is a staple… Read More »

By Neil, 18th March 2019 Features, News, Video Of The Week

Following our last contest where Gloo came out on top, it’s been a few weeks so we thought we’d treat everyone to a bumper edition of video of the week! Kicking things off in style this time are our old friends Bury Tomorrow, with the latest single from their hugely… Read More »

By Simon Crampton, 18th March 2019 News

Some big Monday afternoon news from the Slipknot camp. The band has parted ways with long term percussionist Chris Fehn effective immediately. This news comes hot on the heels of the story that broke late last week that Fehn was suing the band with issues allegedly surrounding his payment and… Read More »

By Sam Savigny, 14th March 2019 , ,

Plenty of bands can be labelled as influential. Iron Maiden helped birth the NWOBHM sound, the Big 4 made thrash a global phenomenon, Meshuggah accidentally created Djent. The list is long and varied, each prospective pioneer deserving of a different accolade. But it’s not just in genre or subgenre creation that a band becomes influential: Through salient work and commitment… Read More »

By Jamie Giberti, 14th March 2019 News

Having announced this a few weeks back now, we thought we’d better catch our Bury Tomorrow loving readers up on their big news. At the end of 2019, Dani, Davyd, Jason, Adam and Kris will be embarking on the biggest UK tour in the band’s history. The tour consists of… Read More »