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By Sam Savigny, 22nd January 2019 , ,

What if Primitive Man were a hardcore band? If that proposition has you salivating as it should, then settle in for one of the finest releases of 2019 so far. An album that is as punishing as it is cathartic. An album that will have you overwhelmed with murderous rage then praying for the sweet release of death. Like a… Read More »

By Sam Savigny, 22nd January 2019 , ,

Post-Rock is the ultimate Marmite genre. For some it is a limitless exploration of musicality through carefully expanding soundscapes and subtle rhythms, but for others it is tedious, pretentious and a waste of time. When a band eschews vocals and is completely instrumental, then you have one of the least accessible propositions on your hands. In this Venn diagram we… Read More »

By Gail El-Halaby, 21st January 2019 ,

Old school melodic death metallers Soilwork recently came out with their 11th studio album, a long three and a half years after their last release ‘Death Resonance’, leaving the biggest gap between two albums in their history. Though having gone through various line-up changes through their years, Soilwork have really built up a distinct and unique sound. “Verkligheten” (“Reality” in… Read More »

By Greg Latham, 21st January 2019 , ,

The Molotov has dropped, but can we still trust Papa Roach or is this the start of the ending? Love them or hate them Papa Roach have maintained a pretty consistent level of popularity over the last 20 years (jesus!), which may have something to do with their ability to evolve with every album yet still maintain that distinct identity… Read More »

By Cait Maxwell, 21st January 2019 Live Galleries, News

This past Saturday, Scandinavian metal ringmasters Avatar descended upon the Ritz venue in the city (not to be confused with the hotel chain of the same name) to put on a show as only Avatar can. We will have a full review of the show in the coming days, but… Read More »