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After reviewing the bands latest (and quite frankly brilliant) album – Herald Moth (review can be read here), Rock Sins had time to catch up with InMe to find out how the band are doing,

Rocksins: Hey guys hows it going?

Greg: It’s all cool.

Rocksins: How’s the tour going for your recently released album herald moth going so far?

Dave: The tour was an incredible experience & were in a very happy place right now. Suffering from the post-tour blues but apart from that all is gravy. The new stuff went down amazingly & now we just want to get back out there!

Greg: Awesomeness.

Rocksins: How has it been playing as a three piece band again since Ben was injured in the recent car crash?

Dave: We were a 3 piece for 13 years before Ben joined so adapting to the circumstance was very easy. A few guitar parts were missing but that was the case before too! Live is a different kind of monster, everything is so much more about the moment.

Greg: It’s been back to the old school really.

Rocksins: How long are you planning on touring in support of the new album?

Dave: Whilst it still has legs we’ll take it as far as it can go. We are already looking into some festival slots & will tour again for a future single hopefully. We really want to break into Europe next year too.

Rocksins: Can we expect to see any festival performances?

Greg: Yes, but its too early to know which ones.

Rocksins: Herald Moth seems like a huge step forward for you, how does it feel compared to your older albums?

Dave: We pushed ourselves to our limits & also made the album entirely for ourselves. I think the listener will appreciate this as you can hear the unadulterated passion across the board. No agendas other than too satisfy our own musical needs which a lot of bands lack these days.

Greg: We’re very proud of it, its really fulfilling live also, to know the audience has come along with us to this new imagining for InMe.

Rocksins: Did you take any different steps (other than using ben) while recording it?

Greg: Yes, we produced the album ourselves, along with Ewan Davies, on an equal footing. What this means for the finished result is that we made the album we wanted to make instead of a producers idea of what it should be like. We all mixed it together and as a result could not be happier. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Rocksins: Greg – How did you feel when you took over from Joe Morgan to play bass for InMe?

Greg: Challenged. I definitely wasn’t happy with the direction InMe had gone to before I joined, but Dave had a vision for where we could take it and I wanted to be part of that.

Rocksins: Greg – How has it been to play alongside your brother?

Greg: Great, its a party a night. We are quite nuts. Simon is a brother too, from a different mother. We love the touring life, there is nothing quite like it.

Rocksins: Dave – How’s the solo album coming along?

Dave: It’s all recorded, I’m just adding all the string parts & then it will be mixed. It’s the most honest work I’ve ever done on a lyrical level which is why it’s called ‘The Hardship Diaries’. My heart is well & truly on my sleeve for this album!

Rocksins: Dave – Do you find that your acoustic and solo sets help bring out another side of your musical interests?

Dave: Yes indeed. I have always been fond of stripped down, singer-songwriter tunes. The songs that give you goosebumps. This is a different type of thing to InMe & is much more about one man pouring his heart out with a one guitar. InMe is a lot more about energy, adrenalin & precision.

Rocksins: Dave – Do you find any of your solo writing influences InMe songs when writing for new albums

Dave: The softer songs probably have stronger vocals as a result of fine tuning what I can do with my voice without the noise of a drumkit & really loud guitars behind me!

Rocksins: What’s your guys favourite venue?

Dave: Brighton-Concord 2. I always have such fond memories of playing that place & I’m moving to Brighton next year which indicates how much the place means to me!

Greg: Birmingham Asylum, hands down. That venue has to become the standard venue for Birmingham, it is so well kitted out. A lot of love has gone into that place.

Rocksins: What are you listening to at the moment?

Dave: The Arusha Accord, Prodigy, Hadleigh Ford, Scar Symmetry, Loudon Wainwright, Frank Turner, Imogen Heap, Born of Osiris & a whole lotta dubstep!

Greg: The Arusha Accord.

Rocksins: What’s the most rock moment of your careers so far?

Dave: The last tour I was pretty rock ‘n roll for the whole tour! I’m a free spirit these days & love to party all night & make sure everyone else is having a good time. Positive energy! Walking on stage in front of 50,000 people back in 2003 was pretty cool. I can’t tell you all the really good stuff though…

Greg: Pass.

If you haven’t already, check out Rock Sins review of Herald Moth. For more rock & metal interviews please check the interview section on Rock Sins on a regular basis as we will be adding more interviews and catch-up’s all the time.



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