I Am Forever Interview

I Am Forever recently came up on my register, and their offering a track from their new EP We Are The Fire free over at https://www.musicglue.com/iamforever.

Rocksins: hey guys hows it going?
Tom: Yeah we’re great thanks, we’ve just had a busy few days demoing new tracks for our next EP which is being released in 2010. It’s sounding great, and we’re really excited to be getting back into the studio soon.

Rocksins: tell us a little about I am forever and what would you say your style is?
Tom:We’re are currently based in the South West of England and we consider ourselves a melodic rock band that like to mix in styles ranging from post-hardcore to emo to create an original dynamic sound.

Rocksins: what influences do you have as a band?
Tom:We are all influenced heavily by different genres… Some of us got into music listening to pop-punk while others were into heavy metal and hardcore. However we are all influenced by hard-working bands who stop at nothing to get themselves out there. Bands like In Flames who have been around for years in the underground music scene who have a lot of respect from their fans and bands alike.

Rocksins: how did you guys meet?
Tom:We have all been friends since our college years and have been in various other bands together. We got together to form I Am Forever in the summer of 2007 and have never looked back.

Rocksins: whats been the highlight of your band so far?
Tom:We have played loads of amazing shows over the past few years including support slots with Attack! Attack!, Flood Of Red and Enjoy Destroy to name a couple, but we would have to say the most memorable was a sold out show of 3000 people supporting Massive Attack and Revered And The Makers near our hometown – We were all blown away!

Rocksins: whats your favorite venue?
Tom:Two great venues that come to mind are Joiners in Southampton and The White Rabbit in Plymouth – both have an incredible sound, and engineers that really know what they are doing! Highly recommended.

Rocksins: whats on your music playlist at the moment?
Tom:There are a lot of great bands coming out of the UK at the moment… Young Guns, Deaf Havana, We Are The Ocean are all top hits on our playlists… These are also guys we would love to play shows with some time soon.

Rocksins: hows the release of your ep going? whats the feedback?
Tom:The EP was released back in May of this year as a download only through iTunes and various other digital download sites, and so far the reception has been great! We have had some great reviews and got some unbelievable support slots and shows off the back of it!

Rocksins: Whats your touring schedule like atm? where can we see you?
Tom:We are currently writing and demoing tracks for our next EP that will be recorded early next year. Once the EP is released we will be touring heavily to promote the release. However, we have a few shows booked up for the rest of the year including a support slot with Futures.

Rocksins: Any labels sniffing at your door? have you turned any down? whats the situation?
Tom:At this point we have been able to release and promote our EP independently, so we have not been shopping for a label. With the release of our next EP we are hoping to get much more media coverage and tours, and once we have this under our belts we will be looking for help releasing an album. There are some brilliant UK indie labels out there that we would love to work with.

Rocksins: can we expect to see you at any summer festivals this year?
Tom:We are certainly looking into getting on as many festivals as possible for the summer, this year we played a great show at Guilfest which is a small upcoming festival in Guildford. Next year we would love to be playing the smaller stages at Download, Reading/Leeds and Glastonbury!

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