Kivimetsan Druidi Live Review

Kivimetsan Druidi Live Review

Seeing Kivimetsan Druidi was something I was looking forward to ever since I discovered them online a short while ago. My wish finally came true when KmD came through in their supporting role on Heathenfest America. As soon as they hit the stage you are immediately drawn into the world in which they live. War paint and metal kind of have that power over people. The intensity of the metal coupled with the folk sounding melodies was enough to entrance me but adding in the vocals and gypsyesque dancing of Leeni-Maria pulled me in and didn’t let go until the end of KmD’s set.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, lead male vocalist Joni Koskinen was not able to perform. Even without Joni, KmD kept the show going and the crowd loved every single moment of it too. The sound of drums marching us into battle with the thrashing of the guitars made up for any missed vocals on the any of the songs. The best way that I can describe the sound of KmD is they are brutally sweet. Yes, the sweet female vocals sang over the trash metal has been done before but the way KmD does it on stage gives it their own unique blend and it is an amazing thing to witness.

Kivimetsan Druidi’s last release was also their first studio release, Shadowheart, back in October 2008 on Century Media. To listen to all of the tracks from Shadowheart and get a quick history lesson on KmD head over to their page on Myspace. You will quickly learn why Kivimetsan Druidi is going to rise through ranks of the melodic metal scene and leave their mark on the world as we know it.

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