The Red Chord – Live Review At The 9:30 Club

The Red Cord Live Review

Imagine if you will, a vehicle so evil and menacing that the very sight of it strikes terror deep into your soul. Picture that evil beast exploding out of nowhere and charging towards you at unimaginable speeds followed by the loudest thunder you have heard. Feel your body being viciously thrown to the ground as you are brutally beaten and left for dead. As your battered and bloodied body lay there twisted and torn, you realize this is only the beginning of what is about to come. The giant beast grinds to a halt and slowly backs up until hot rubber singes your face as it rests its wheels firmly on your skull. The engine begins to rev to the red line and then back down and continues to do so until the tempo is so fast and so fierce it can no longer be contained. It is at that moment that all hell breaks loose and as the demon squeals it tires and takes off it crushes your skull into a million tiny little pieces.

This is what it was like seeing The Red Chord perform live. From the very beginning of their set there was no holding back. Guy Kozowyk and crew don’t use any fancy intro music or spiffy introductions either. They simply hit the go switch and from the first note to the last note their sole purpose in life is to bash your fucking brains in with their raw primal sound. The music produced a nonstop onslaught of hostility that sent the crowd into a heavy metal frenzy that resembled a school of coked up piranha throwing up the devil horns. This was one crowd that came to have a good time and The Red Chord without a doubt fucking delivered.

The Red Chord is currently finishing up the last few dates of their current tour with Job For A Cowboy and GWAR in support of their latest release Fed Through the Teeth Machine from Metal Blade Records. Fed Through the Teeth Machine is The Red Chords fourth studio release. Keep an eye out for the video for “Demoralizer” which is the first single off the new album. It hasn’t hit the net yet but shouldn’t be long before it does. Until then you can get your fix for everything dealing with The Red Chord at all of their sites online.

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