Korn and Rob Zombie to Co-Headline Mayhem Fest 2010

Well, evidently someone sold their soul to make this bizarre rumor become reality. For the last several weeks it was rumored that Korn would be one of the headlining acts for this year’s Mayhem Festival but many of us were hoping it was nothing more than PR bullshit. This morning those hopes and dreams were shattered when the official list of bands was released on the Mayhem Festival website. Along with Korn will be Rob Zombie, who is a great hard rock musician but I really don’t think of him as metal. European festivals get Iron Maiden and the Big Four of Metal, we get Jonathan Davis prancing around. Wow, we got fucked on this one.

Filling out the main stage acts are Lamb of God and Five Finger Death Punch, who evidently bought a new mic stand to kiss Jonathan Davis’s ass on the tour. LoG is definitely going to be the highlight of the entire main stage acts for this year. Although organizers failed miserably at choosing bands for the main stage they make up for it with this years Jagermeister stage. Starting it off will be Winds of Plague, then Shadows Fall, followed up by Chimaira and then to top of the day will be Hatebreed. This is like a wet dream of metal come true. This is the shining moment of the entire Mayhem Festival. I am willing to bet their will be visible cracks in the earth from the carnage that is going to occur in front of this stage.

Filling out the rest of the bands over at the Mayhem Festival stage will be In This Moment, 3 Inches of Blood, Norma Jean and Atreyu will closing out that stage. Again I am left puzzled at the choice of bands. Atreyu isn’t a horrible choice but if anyone should be top bill for this stage it should be 3 Inches of Blood. I know it is all about marketing and getting the maximum amount of people, mainly kids, to buy tickets and come hang out in the blistering heat for an entire day and spend $5 for a bottle of water. Why not bands like Whitechapel, Suicide Silence or even Dillinger Escape Plan? They are busy doing Warped Tour. It appears to me that someone might have accidentally swapped a few bands while pulling names out of the hat for each of the tours this year.

Overall this year’s Mayhem festival is going to be a kick ass show. Some of the acts may be a little weak for a metal tour but the rest of lineup more than make up for it. Now like my UK counterparts who are frothing at the mouth and ready to go to their own festivals this year I now have my own Mecca of metal to visit this summer. Be sure to follow Rock Sins for all of your Mayhem Festival 2010 news.

11 thoughts on “Korn and Rob Zombie to Co-Headline Mayhem Fest 2010

  1. I love when douche bags write about bands they have no idea about! Korn is absolutely amazing live and I for one am excited to see them for the 12th time. Next time just report the bands and keep your mouth shut.

  2. I have seen Korn live and that is the very reason why I am disappointed to see them on this tour. Their set ranks amongst some of the worst concerts I have ever witnessed. I am not saying Korn sucks because I read about it in a magazine. I am saying they suck because that is exactly what they did when I saw them on stage.

    Being that you have seen them 12 times I am betting that you are one of Korn’s biggest fans. You see anything other than painting them as gods as a slap to the face. I am simply stating the facts and I do not apologize if you are upset by that.

    BTW – douchebag is one word and thank you for visiting Rock Sins \m/

  3. Its okay…You really need to learn the defintion of a fact. Its more like an opinion. That whole article was bashing Korn and Im not supposed to be upset by it. Really? Agree to disagree. Keep up the good work.

  4. Yeah, I second that. Korn must be shitted on just because it’s above your level of intelligence and your average redneck metal infatuation. They sold what, like 30 million records ? Compare that to ANY of your metal sweethearts. They barely make the 100,000 mark and organizations like MAYHEM would die a fuckbloody death if they had shit like that headline. KORN makes it possible for smaller bands like LOG to be exposed to a decent audience. Suck on that ***douchebag*** ! One word enough for ya?

    Oh, and Five Finger Death Punch plows your face flat at any given moment and makes most of the metal shows today look like kindergarten matinees. Sure they musta’ got a microphone stand that goes with the rest of their silver bullet set up (which I saw them use for 3-4 years now!) just so you prick can compare them to Korn, or Wasp or Judas Priest – oh wait there are like a hundred more bands with sculpted microphone stands. Oups. Maybe it’s a form of artistic expression – Or just plain cool?

    My GOD! What a fucking retard ! Go suck on your no show, no visuals no imagination dime a dozen subgenre whore “basement metal” …

  5. First off, Korn sucks. Its not matter of opinion, its the fact that proves you have terrible taste in music. This is one of the worst linups i’ve ever saw. I’d rather jackoff with double sided sandpaper rather than go to this.

  6. Reaper we really don;t want your dumb ass there anyway…as far as the sandpaper remark. Go for it…it is probably the same thing as having sex with your mom anyway.

  7. Kind of sad when losers badmouth people they could never in their lives hope to become even a tenth as successful as.

    JD – has one of the worlds most successful bands. Loser – has to resort to writing about successful bands.
    JD – famous. Loser – umm, what’s his name?? Never heard of him.
    JD – loved by easily millions. Loser – maybe family and a few close friends? Maybe a girlfriend?

    Perhaps there is a feeling of failure at life masked by Loser trying to sound all hardcore by stating Korn isn’t metal enough for him. Surely that’ll make people think he’s a tough man… right?? right???? Does this idiot really think he has any ground to stand on to badmouth Jonathan Davis?

    Someone who could actually write would acknowledge that they are simply noting personal opinion rather than trying to claim their opinions as fact. Guess he fails at this writing he’s had to resort to as well. Damn.

  8. Which “loser” are you referring to? Myself or the person who made a negative comment about your beloved Jonathon Davis?

    So according to you and every other upset Korn fan who has read this post, if we, as writers, are upset about a particular band on a tour lineup we are supposed to let it go and not say anything? This is what is referred to as negative press. If it were the Jonas Brothers you would be up in arms over it. We don’t have to write good things about everyone.

    I don’t write to pander to every single person who is going to read my articles. I don’t get paid by record labels or musicians to make them look good in print. I write my views and opinions on the things that I write about. Just because you don’t agree with my opinion doesn’t make it any less valid.

    In regards to your suggestions – Yes, I write about bands that I like, and some of them may not be top 40 popular. His and Him are wrong choice of words. You want to use her or she next time. Bitch cunt and whore are also acceptable pronouns as well. I do have several close friends and a girlfriend so I have those bases covered. I do thank you for reading Rock Sins and hope you continue to return in the future.

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