Video Interview With J. Costa of Thy Will Be Done

Thy Will Be Done


Last week I had the opportunity to talk with J. Costa of Thy Will Be Done as they trekked through my local area on the Bound By The Road tour along with Goatwhore, Suffocation, and DevilDriver. The following video is the result of our quick chat after Thy Will Be Done destroyed Jaxx yet again. You can catch all of the latest Thy Will Be Done info at their Myspace as well as on Twitter. Their latest release, In Ancient Of Days, can be found at most music retailers.


2 thoughts on “Video Interview With J. Costa of Thy Will Be Done

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂 Had a good laugh at the random member of venue staff who looked like he wanted to get into the camera shot for his 30 seconds of fame XD.

    Also…DEZ! \m/

  2. Love the energy and raw passion from Costa. Like the question about what he listens to. Always interested in that. Some metalheads make such a big deal about ‘brootal’, but you can listen to anything and still be troo. I like brootal though! Haha! Good job Renae!

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