EastStrikeWest – The Boiler Room Guildford 19/03/2010

EastStrikeWest Band Photo
EastStrikeWest - The Boiler Room Guildford 19/03/2010

It was RockSins first time at the Boiler Room in Guildford. A small pub sized venue with a great atmosphere, a shame it wasn’t packed out because it was a great night for all, some great bands that youll see later on RockSins!

But the purpose of the night for us was the great EastStrikeWest, and they didnt disapoint.

EastStrikeWest are a very technical band, with textured songs that must have taken a lifetime to write. They crammed gear into every corner of the tiny stage, which just about held them, piano, 3 guitars, bass, drums and a singer, they defiantly made the most of the space.

Lead singer Tom Clark had a vocal range rarely heard these days, with easy song sounding pitch perfect, even if he did say to us he had a bit of a stinking cold pre gig, and you couldnt tell. Steve Marchiano performed wonders on piano, adding those extra layers that make their songs so good, and James carried the songs with ease, with an “epic” songs that scream put me in the movies. Ian Smith did wonders on the drums whilst Joseph Smyth showed us all hows its done. All in all a great night, a band I recommend to go see.

Set List:

  1. God Can’t Take His Eyes Off Me
  2. The Architect
  3. Stumble
  4. Shuffle
  5. Electricity
  6. Welcoming The Ghosts

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