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As I stated immediately after their set ended, if this were a game of thrash metal capture the flag, Evile just took that bitch and ran it straight back to the UK. March 3, 2010 marked the momentous event of Evile’s first ever gig on US soil and they for sure did not disappoint. Coming off the heels of their Infecting Nations headlining tour throughout the UK and Europe, for the next two months Evile will be giving North America a reeducation in what thrash metal is all about .

With tracks like Infected Nation, Thrasher and Time No More there is no doubt that these guys mean business when it comes banging heads, shredding guitars and thumping out killer fucking rhythm. I know some people will bitch and whine and say “Well, [insert band here] did that already.” And to that I say you are absolutely correct. Megaslayerthrax has probably done something similar but Evile isn’t trying to change the world. They aren’t trying to create the next trendy melting pot of genres to define a new sound. They are here to do one thing and that is play furious fucking thrash metal that makes your head bang and your horns fly high and in that regard they are reigning supreme over all which they survey.

Evile is currently touring with Kreator on their North American Tour 2010 to promote their latest release, Infected Nation which came out on Earache Records in September of 2009. Immediately following this tour Evile will embark on the Killfest 2010 being headlined by Over Kill. Be sure you get out there and show these guys that America knows how to rock the fuck out and we aren’t all a bunch of McFatasses with poor taste in music.

I caught up with Evile’s lead shredder, Ol Drake before the show and the following video is evidence that wind sucks, metal fans are awesome and Evile are here to rock our fucking world.


Tour Dates

Kreator North American Tour 2010
Mar 3 2010   Jaxx West Springfield, Virginia
Mar 4 2010  The Trocadero Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mar 5 2010  The Palladium (MA) Worcester, Massachusetts
Mar 6 2010  Nokia Theatre New York, New York
Mar 7 2010  Club Soda Montreal, Quebec
Mar 8 2010  Imperial De Quebec Quebec City, Quebec
Mar 9 2010  Opera House Toronto, Ontario
Mar 10 2010  Peabody’s Cleveland, Ohio
Mar 11 2010  Blondie’s Detroit, Michigan
Mar 12 2010  The Bottom Lounge Chicago, Illinois
Mar 13 2010  Rave Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mar 14 2010  Rock Station St Paul, Minnesota
Mar 16 2010  Bluebird Theater Denver, Colorado
Mar 18 2010  Corazon Seattle, Washington
Mar 19 2010  Rickshaw Theater Vancouver, British Columbia
Mar 20 2010  Hawthorne Theatre Portland, Oregon
Mar 21 2010  Slim’s San Francisco, California
Mar 23 2010  House Of Blues West Hollywood, California
Mar 24 2010  House Of Blues San Diego, California
Mar 25 2010  The Rock Tucson, Arizona
Mar 27 2010  Emo’s Alternative Lounging Austin, Texas
Mar 28 2010  Meridian Houston, Texas
Mar 30 2010  The Club at Firestone Orlando, Florida
Mar 31 2010  The Masquerade Atlanta, Georgia

Killfest 2010
Apr 1 2010  The Trocadero Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Apr 2 2010  The Palladium Worcester, Massachusetts
Apr 3 2010  Webster Hall Hartford, Connecticut
Apr 4 2010  Imperial de Quebec Quebec City, Quebec
Apr 5 2010  FouFounes Montreal, Quebec
Apr 6 2010  Phoenix Concert Theater Toronto, Ontario
Apr 7 2010  Bogarts Cincinnati, Ohio
Apr 8 2010  Blondies Detroit, Michigan
Apr 9 2010  The Metro Chicago, Illinois
Apr 10 2010  The Rave Milwuakee, Wisconsin
Apr 11 2010  Station 4 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Apr 13 2010  Gothic Theatre Denver, Colorado
Apr 15 2010  Red Room Vancouver, British Columbia
Apr 16 2010  El Corazon Seattle, Washington
Apr 17 2010  Roseland Theater Portland, Oregon
Apr 18 2010  The Grand Ballroom San Francisco, California
Apr 19 2010  House of Blues Las Vegas, Nevada
Apr 20 2010  House of Blues Los Angeles, California
Apr 21 2010  House of Blues San Diego, California
Apr 22 2010  O.K.’s Phoenix, Arizona
Apr 23 2010  The Rock Tuscon, Arizona
Apr 24 2010  Gators Farmington, New Mexico
Apr 25 2010  Marquee Tulsa, Oklahoma
Apr 26 2010  Emu’s Austin, Texas
Apr 27 2010  Scout Bar Houston, Texas
Apr 28 2010  Trees Dallas, Texas
Apr 29 2010  Headliner’s Music Hall Louisville, Kentucky
Apr 30 2010  Jaxx Springfield, Virginia
May 1 2010  Nokia Theater New York City, New York
May 2 2010  Club Hell PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island

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Live Photos from Jaxx on March 03, 2010

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