Best Tattoos In Metal – Round #1 Results

Renae: Starting things off for us was Kirk Windstein versus Rob Halford. Kirk has some amazing sleeves whereas Rob comes at us with more of a gallery of tattoos spread across his entire body. My vote is for Kirk for having more complete pieces of work. Rob has some interesting ink without a doubt but it I think Kirk’s sleeves are more complete. Kirk +1

Mike: Kirk Windstein Vs Rob Halford. A battle between two giants of metal…and definatley a hard choice to make. Both men have a great selection of tattoo’s, with good use of colour where needed. I think when it comes down to the crunch though, Rob Halford takes the crown on this due to the slightly unusual art work in the centre of his chest, surrounded by multiple dragons and the word “PAIN”. Rob +1

Reader’s Poll: With a clear cut 3 times the votes, Rob Halford is the clear choice of the people in this match-up. Rob+1

With a 2-1 decision, Rob Halford has knocked Kirk Windstein out of the competition.

Renae: Our second match-up was James Hetfield versus Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence. James has been sporting his tattoos longer than Mitch has been screaming into a microphone. Mitch has some amazing art work covering both arms, neck and chest. The quality makes my vote sway in one direction though, and that is for Mitch. Mitch +1

Mike: Ok so James Hetfield Vs Mitch Lucker. I’m definatley going to have to go with Mitch on this one. Simply because of the sheer amount of tattoos (both sleeves + chest), combined with some awesome use of both grey shade and nice vivid colours. James Hetfield definatley deserves a mention though, as although he doesn’t quite have the level of tattoo’s Mitch has, i’m pretty sure that his are more thought driven, and each has its own meaning or perhaps story behind it. Mitch +1

Readers Poll: With just five votes separating these two, the vote went to Mitch. Mitch+1

With a definitive vote all the way around, the younger Mitch Lucker knocks out the old school James Hetfield.

Stay tuned to Rock Sins to begin voting on the round of competitors later today.

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