The Best Tattoos In Metal – Finals Results

Renae: Mitch Lucker versus Phil Anselmo seems like a no-brainer with a quick simple decision. It’s not. Phil brings a whole lot of history on his flesh whereas Mitch brings some astounding art work. If I want history I can go to a museum. My vote goes to Mitch for having the higher quality ink. Mitch +1

Mike: Mitch Lucker vs Phil Anselmo is a no brainer for me. As covered in tattoo’s as Mitch is, the style of Phil’s tattoos, combined with the meaning of some of them wins me over. Phil +1

Reader’s Poll: With almost a hundred votes separating the clear winner from the valiant loser, the people have made it know that they want to see Phil go to the championship round. Phil +1

With such an astounding backing from fans and Mike it appears that Phil will be facing off against the winner of our next match-up.

Renae: Jenn Arroyo versus Dez Fafara is one where I don’t want to see either of them knocked out of the competition but if I have to choose one then my vote has to go to Jenn. She has the higher quality ink compared to the metal veteran Dez in my opinion. Jenn +1

Mike: Jenn Arroyo vs Dez Fafara is a bit of a tough one. With Dez having some crazy tattoos on his body and Jenn having some equally awesome piece,. I think on this occasion I have to side with Dez. Dez +1

Reader’s Poll:When it comes to rallying the troops one of these two tattooed metal has some of the most dedicated fans the world has ever witnessed. With over 5 times the amount of votes of the loser of this round, our people’s choice is Jenn. Jenn +1

It was a grueling choice but a choice that had to be made. Jenn is going on to face Phil Anselmo in the championship round.

This is it, the final battle for the Best Tattoos In Metal. Phil Anselmo faces off against Jenn Arroyo and you could be the deciding vote. Stay tuned to Rock Sins to vote for your champion.


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