The Best Tattoos In Metal – Round #2 Results.


Renae: This battle featured Shagrath and Phil Anselmo. Each them bringing some impressive ink into the competition. Phil has a sweet collection of tattoos that he has built upon over the years. When you think of Phil, you think of metal and therefore his tattoo work screams metal as well. Shagrath with his dark and evil tattoos is a formidable opponent as well. When it comes down to simple badassery, Phil takes this one without a doubt. My vote goes to Phil. Phil +1

Mike: Hands down my choice on this one is Phil Anselmo. He may not have as complex tattoos as Shagrath but they are definitely meaningful. Seriously…This guy’s survived a Heroin overdose, had back surgery as well as knee surgery and is still going, complete with the word “Unscarred” written across his stomach. Phil +1

Reader’s Poll: It was a loud and resounding win via the poll. Shagrath had a respectable amount of votes but Phil had a whole lot more. The people have spoken and they chose Phil. Phil +1

Winner by more than a landslide is Phil Anselmo.

Renae: This brings us to Frank Carter versus Chance Garnette and this yet another tough choice to make. Chance has some sweet ass Celtic designs going on and I love me some Celtic knots. Frank comes blaring in with a coat of arms inked onto his chest. The sheer volume tattoos does not make one a winner but the number of quality tattoos sure as fuck does. Frank not only has quantity but also some great amazing quality work. Frank +1

Mike: Although I’m not exactly a Gallows fan, I think my vote here has to go to Frank Carter due to the crazy amount of tattoo’s this guy has. Also loving the chest piece art style! Frank +1

Reader’s Poll: When it came down to the poll Frank merely skimmed by Chance to take the people’s vote and add one more win to his belt. Frank +1

This was one of the closest match-ups yet but when it was all said and done, Frank Carter squeaked out a victory.

We are only getting started. Stay tuned to Rock Sins for Round #3 coming up later today.


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