The Best Tattoos In Metal – Round #3 Results


Renae: Round #3 gave us Brent Hinds versus Corey Taylor and this wasn’t an easy choice for me. Corey has some amazing detail and color in his sun/moon chest tattoo. Brent surely has a hell of lot more though. There isn’t much space above the waist that isn’t inked on Brent. I am going with Corey on this one. The detail in his tattoo is just too much to even think it could be beaten in the first round. Corey +1

Mike: As much as a I’m a fan of Corey Taylor, I’m going to have to side with Brent Hinds on this one. Sporting a tattoo on his head, as well as having both sleeves overflowing with great artwork and colour, Brent also has most of his chest covered, as well as a huge sprawling tattoo covering 90% of his back of what appears to be Satan, complete with tits. Seriously…how could you not vote for him! Brent +1

Reader’s Poll: With more than twice as many votes, the choice of the people is the one and only Corey Taylor. Corey +1

With a 2-1 vote Corey proves that he worthy of advancing to the next round.

Renae: Next up in the competition is Jenn Arroyo versus Phill Demmel. Jenn brings some of the sweetest ink to ever be worn. Being a metal chick in a male dominated world she definitely holds her own when it comes to having amazing ink. Phill has himself some amazing art work as well. The one thing Phill doesn’t have is leopard spots and for that alone I vote for Jenn.  Jenn +1

Mike: It’s a close one between Jen and Phil, but my vote here goes to Jennifer Arroyo of Suicide City as I feel Jen’s tattoo’s have more meaning to them when you first take a glance. Jenn +1

Reader’s Poll: With more votes than all of the previous polls combined, Jenn has destroyed Phill. Jenn +1

With a 3-0 decision Jenn storms through this round and is off to face the Corey Taylor in the next round of competition.

We still have two more match-ups for the beginning brackets. It is going to be Dez Vs Chuck Billy and Kerry King Vs Max Cavalera. Stay tuned to Rock Sins for Round #4 so you can let your voice be heard and help us declare who has the best tattoos in metal.


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