The Best Tattoos In Metal – Round #4 Results


Renae: The fourth round starts off with Dez Fafara facing of against Chuck Billy. Chuck’s tattoos are legendary amongst the metal world and was one of the few people to be mentioned multiple times for inclusion to this contest. Dez has some the most recognizable tattoos of anyone. You see them and you know instantly who they belong to.  Not an easy choice but in the end my vote goes for Dez. Dez +1

Mike: No second thoughts on this battle. Dez Fafara has my vote. Although being relatively tattoo free back in the Coal Chamber days, Dez has since taken more of a liking to the inked art and is now covered from his chin (yes…chin!) downwards. Dez +1

Reader’s Poll: Just a few votes separated these two when come to the court of public opinion. In the end the vote goes to Dez. Dez +1

With a respectable 3-0 win, Dez is moving on to the next round.

Renae: Our last match in the opening brackets is between Max Cavalera and Kerry King. There is no doubt that there is only one clear choice for who the winner is. Kerry with his skull tattoo and menacing sleeves. Kerry +1

Mike: The final face off between Max Cavalera and Kerry King is again a close call. But my vote is going to have to go to Kerry King of Slayer. You only need to take one look at him to know he’s someone you don’t mess with. Covered in tattoos, starting with a piece that covers the majority of the rear of his head, Kerry was also man enough to get to words “God hates us all” down pretty much the entirety of the inside of his left arm. Finish it off with some awesome sleeve tattoo’s and you’ve got yourself one bad ass guitarist! Kerry +1

Reader’s Poll: With more than twice as many votes as his opponent, Kerry is the clear cut choice. Kerry +1

To call this a landslide would be an understatement. Kerry is moving along to the next round of competition.


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