The Best Tattoos In Metal – Semi-Finals Results

Renae: Rob Halford versus Mitch Lucker gives us the old school against the new school. Rob shows up with more ink than most metal musicians half his age. Mitch has brings his highly detailed sleeves along with the throat tattoo. Only one can go forth to the claim the title and for me I am going with the new generation of metal. My vote goes to Mitch. Mitch +1

Mike: I think I’m going to have to go with Mitch in this battle. The sheer amount of ink Mitch has is incredible! Mitch +1

Reader’s Poll: Scraping the votes by only a few more than his competition was Mitch. Mitch +1

Mitch will go on to face the winner of the next match-up.

Renae: That brings us to Phil Anselmo up against Frank Carter. Frank gets my vote for sheer size and detail of his tattoos. Phil has some amazing work but not amazing enough for my vote. Frank +1

Mike: My vote has to go to Phil Anselmo without any doubt. Some great tattoo work on a great front man. Phil +1

Readers Poll: With more than twice as many votes, Phil takes the vote of the people. Phil +1

My vote has been trumped and it looks like Phil will be advancing to the finals.

Renae: Corey Taylor versus Jenn Arroyo is such a difficult choice. For me this one comes down to the fact that although Corey has some awesome ink, you rarely ever see it. Jenn on the other hand is almost always proudly displaying her ink for the world to see. For having more self-pride in her ink, Jenn gets my vote. Jenn +1

Mike: Clear favorite so far, and one to watch out for – Jenn Arroyo gets my vote again! Jenn +1

Reader’s Poll: When it comes to fans, this chick has them. The final vote was 70-14 in favor of Jenn. Jenn +1

Jenn is thrashing her way through the competition and now moves into the finals.

Renae: Dez Fafara or Kerry King? When you hear metal and tattoos in the same breath Kerry is almost always brought up. He has some impressive and identifiable tattoos but so does Dez. Some would argue that his Coal Chamber tattoo is ever more recognizable that the tribal on Kerry. The one place Kerry is missing and Dez isn’t is on the chin. For having a tattoo in one of the most untattooed places of the body, Dez gets my vote to go on. Dez +1

Mike: Gonna have to choose Dez Fafara again on this one. Kerry king is a bad-ass guitarist with some awesome tattoos but I think Dez just scrapes ahead in my opinion. Dez +1

Reader’s Poll: With only one single vote separating these two,  the people chose Kerry. Kerry +1

Such a close call but Dez is moving on to the finals to face the force to be reckoned with known as Jenn Arroyo.

The finals are upon us now. We are down to just four competitors. Will it be Mitch or Phil? Will Dez be the one to take out Jenn? Stay tuned for the voting to begin and be sure to get your choice of The Best Tattoos In Metal goes to the championship round.

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