The Best Tattoos In Metal – Winners Announced!

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So after a long road of voting, and knock outs we have been left with two finalists battling it out to be crowned as the person with the best tattoos in metal.

Phil Anselmo vs Jenn Arroyo!

Readers Poll: With a landslide 109 votes, against 61 votes, Jenn Arroyo has clearly been your favourite since we started!

Renae: A clear reader favourite, as well as my favourite. My choice goes to Jenn – she has much higher quality ink!

Mike: I’m going to have to stick by my guns on this one, and choose Phil Anselmo simply because of the amazing ink work on his body

It appears that the readers have spoken, and so we hereby declare Jenn Arroyo to have The best tattoos in metal! A huge congratulations goes out to Jenn on winning!

Thank you to all of our readers that voted, and be sure to keep your eye out for more polls like this soon!

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