Imperial Vengeance Issue Album Update

Imperial Vengeance

Not being content with just releasing a new album in the Autumn, Imperial Vengeance will be unleashing a “Penny Dreadful” mini-publication in conjunction with the album:’The Black Heart Of Empire’.

The Gentlemen had this to say:

“The publication will be true to the style of the original 19th Century publications in length and layout and will contain ten dastardly tales of intrigue, phantasm and derring-do, and be beautifully illustrated. One of the things we try to do with Imperial Vengeance is to create an atmosphere, and merely releasing a CD doesn’t cut it for us; so given the darker tone and direction that the next album will take, doing something like this is the natural progression.”

If you can’t wait for the album, Imperial Vengeance have just unleashed a special edition DVD of director’s cut videos and extensive exclusive extras that is available to buy now from the Transcend Records store:

This special edition disc features promo videos for the album track,’6th Airborne Division’, shot at the 400 Company studios in London and their Madness cover, ‘Night Boat To Cairo’ plus tons of special features including audio commentaries by C. Edward Alexander and David Bryan, unseen production photo galleries, behind the scenes footage -‘A Gentlemans’s Miscellany’ and’The Cairo Cutaway’ and exclusive footage from’The Harry Patch Recordings’. The DVD is available to buy now from the Transcend Records store:

You can catch Imperial Vengeance live when they hit the road with Sabbat in August.

16th August – Bierkeller, BRISTOL

17th August – The Well, LEEDS

18th August – Ivory Blacks, GLASGOW

20th August – Rock City, NOTTINGHAM

21st August – Underworld, LONDON

22nd August – Central Station, WREXHAM

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