Rocksins 2010 End Of Year Picks – Mike


Best album of the year: InMe – Herald Moth

inme - herald moth
InMe - Herald Moth

This album completely took me by surprise, and I think it’s the album that sticks out in my mind for being memorable this year. Having already been familiar with some original InMe tracks, I had been half expecting the same sort of stuff, but they most certainly didn’t prepare my ears for this album! From start to finish the album is full of catchy guitar riffs, drum fills and vocals which will get stuck in the back of your head, begging you for just one more listen. If you’ve ever read my previous review for Herald Moth you’ll know that one of my stand out songs on the album has to be “Belief Revival”, and that still stands today thanks to some impressive vocal work by vocalist Dave McPherson.

Worst album of the year: Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns

This is the only album that springs to mind for worst of the year, however Ross and Jamie have already covered this, So I stand by their opinions!

Best gig of the year: GWAR – Bloodstock Open Air Festival

This one was a tough one to decide, but I think that GWAR at Bloodstock Open Air festival this year grab my choice for best gig. I must admit that I haven’t really listened to much GWAR before seeing them, however their performances are completely different to anything you will see, with fake limbs from oversized creatures being cut off, over the top fights on stage and not to mention the crowd being soaked with liquids and fake blood. Even if you haven’t heard of GWAR before go see them simply for one of the funniest gigs you will see in a long time!

Worst gig of the year:

The only gig that springs to mind was Death Of Thieves, Forever never & Skindred at the Quake Club – Woking. Not at all because of any poor performance on the bands part, but unfortunately the event was poorly organised – leading to a lot of confusion before the doors opened, and some pissed off bands! Despite this all of the bands put on a kick ass show, with the crowd loving every second of it.

Best festival performance: Rammstein – Sonisphere

It was a close tie between Iron maiden and Rammstein at Sonisphere festival uk this year, however Rammstein won out, putting on a show like no one else out there. My only let down is that they appeared to finish their slot a bit early… but this didn’t detract from the experience in the slightest.

Runners Up:

Sonisphere Festival: Iron Maiden, Sylosis & Skindred
Download Festival: Rage Against The Machine & Deftones
Bloodstock Open Air: GWAR & Opeth

Best festival: Sonisphere Festival UK

I have to admit that all three festivals I attended this year (Download, Sonisphere & Bloodstock) were all amazing, and blew me away as usual, however this year I think the top spot has to go to Sonisphere Festival UK, They managed to get hold of the one band that other festivals have been trying to get for years – Rammstein, along with tons of other bands guaranteed to blow your face off. Combine this with a great atmosphere and you have a festival destined for great things over the coming years.

Band / Artist of the year: Deftones

Deftones Band Photo

Without doubt Deftones have to be my choice for 2010’s band of the year. After their bassist Chi Cheng was involved in a car accident back in 2008, leaving him in a coma (but now slowly recovering) the future looked uncertain for Deftones. They have however bounced back, deciding out of respect to put their already completed album with bassist Chi to one side until he has fully recovered, and in the mean time create their latest album “Diamond eyes” with the help of temporary bassist Sergio Vega. Now I love Deftones, but it’s an understatement to say that this album completely took me by surprise and blew me away. If there is one album, or band you need to listen to this year it has to be Deftones – Diamond eyes


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