Review: A Day To Remember Live at The Brixton Academy 06/02/2011

A Day To Remember Acoustic Live Review

A Day To Remember are one of the hottest bands of recent years with a reputation for putting on a great live show. What happened when Rocksins’ went to check out ADTR live at The Brixton Academy? Read on to find out.

A Day To Remember
A Day To Remember Acoustic Style

Due to the shortish nature of the support band sets, come 9.15 and the lights were down for the entrance of A Day To Remember (early for a headlining band with 2 supports nowadays) and Brixton Academy was a wall of noise as the five members of ADTR took the stage. They immediately launched into “2nd sucks” from their new album What Separates Me From You, and pretty much everything in front of me became a bouncing mob for the next 2 and a half minutes.

Things continued at pace as A Day To Remember seemed very determined to deliver a high octane start with The Danger In Starting A Fire and A Shot In The Dark being an extremely popular double barrel blast from the For Those Who Have Heart album. A Shot in The Dark in particular was one of several songs where the band could have just let the crowd sing the whole thing for them without any problems at all. I’m Made of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of kept things ticking over before another huge singalong for ADTR’s latest single All I Want.

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Live Review: A Day To Remember at Brixton Academy, London, 06/02/2011

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