Bowling For Soup – Erik Chandler Exclusive Interview Number 2!

Erik Chandler From Bowling For Soup
Erik Chandler - Awesome guy!

As regular visitors to Rocksins know, we’re big fans of and have a good relationship with those awesome fun guys at Bowling For Soup. As you might remember we spoke to bassist Erik Chandler back before their last full band UK tour kicked off in October, and we’ve been lucky enough to catch up with Erik again just before he was due to hit the studio. Read on to hear about all kinds of BFS goodness…

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And on with the interview…

Jamie: Hi Erik, have you had time to recover from our very long interview in Cambridge last time?

Erik: It’s been a very slow process, but as each day passes I see a little improvement. I do believe that I’ll be able to do interviews again by early Summer…

Jamie: Last time we spoke we talked about whether the band was going to sign a new record deal or release the new album yourselves or create your own label, what was the end result with that and can you explain why you made the choice you did?

Erik: Quite honestly, we got the very best of both worlds. The story is a little complex, but essentially we were approached by a company that wanted to give us our own record label. Not to the point that we’ll be signing other artists, but we’ll be releasing our own albums, under our own control, and allowing someone else to provide the initial financial support. That being said, this year there will be a lot of BFS material being released. Not only are we releasing our new studio album “Fishin’ For Woos”, but we’ll be re-releasing our first 3 albums that have not been available in years. Also, we’re planning to package some B-sides and rarities compilations.

Jamie: Are you happy with how Fishin For Woos has turned out?

Erik: I’m absolutely thrilled with how the album turned out. I’m really excited to get the album released. We’re all really proud of the work we did on this one.

Jamie: Are you looking forward to being back here (in the UK) shortly for the acoustic tour?

Erik: Don’t you know that we’re always excited to return to your lovely country?

Jamie: Do yourself and Jaret miss Chris & Gary when you’re doing the acoustic shows?

Erik: We do. Tremendously. It’s a very different vibe when it isn’t all four of us together. We still have a blast, but we hit them up on skype from the bus so we can all have a beer together…let them know that we miss them…all that really cool macho rock-n-roll stuff.

Jamie: Do you find it more nerve-wracking to play the acoustic shows or does that seem easier than the full band shows?

Erik: Jaret and I started doing these acoustic shows in Texas about 13 years ago, so at this point, there is no real discernable difference for me between PLAYING the shows. The biggest difference is logistical. It is a hell of a lot easier to get two guys with acoustic guitars set up and ready to go on stage than it is to get an entire band with full gear. That, in turn, lends the whole thing to being a much more relaxed day over all. Load in takes 5 minutes. Sound check takes 10. That doesn’t make the acoustic shows better, but you can definitely feel a different vibe.

Jamie: Will it be strange to effectively be (one of) your own support bands & What made you guys decide to have People on Vacation and The Mulberry St Socialites on the tour?

Erik: Well, if we open for ourselves, we don’t have to pay for opening acts! It’s been a good 17 years, but I‘ve been in multiple bands that played the same bill in the past, and it’s not that big of a deal. Of course, I might have been a bit more spry back then, but that doesn’t worry me too much. In all honestly, though, we chose to bring our side projects along on this tour to kind of give folks a taste of what’s coming. Both POV and the MSS will be releasing albums later this year, in fact I leave for LA in two days to record the MSS album, and we had a unique opportunity to give a very specific group of people (DIE HARD BFS FANS) a glimpse at what else we’re dabbling in.

Jamie: As you have more support acts this time (and as a result I’m guessing you won’t play for as long as last time), are you and Jaret planning to do a more “straight forward” show this time as opposed to last time when it was basically stand up comedy with some songs thrown in?

Erik: Once again, we use the same formula during the acoustic set as we do during the full band set : NO FORMULA AT ALL! I don’t think that I would call the last acoustic tour “stand up comedy”, we just had the time to spend and that’s the way we wanted it. We know that this time we’ll have less time to be on stage, but that just means we’ll have to tighten things up just slightly. Not a big deal. It’s still gonna be a great time!

Jamie: Are there any plans to release a full BFS acoustic album? I know you had cd’s for sale at the shows last year but any plans for a release on a wider basis (or on iTunes or something like that)?

Erik: Not really at this point…but who knows.

Jamie: You guys have just been announced to return to the Download Festival, which is where some pretty significant moments in your career have happened; Two questions, one are you looking forward to it, and two will the gigantic inflatable sheep be coming out of storage and coming with you?

Erik: We’re super stoked to be returning to Download this year. We had to turn it down last year just because it wasn’t possible. We were in the studio recording an album for Christ’s sake. Download has always been really special for us, so we were really grateful to be invited back this year. And no, you won’t be seeing any sheep this year…hmmm…wonder what that means?

Jamie: Do you have more plans for your side project for the rest of the year or is it primarily going to be BFS based? On those lines are you still planning a full BFS band tour of the UK in October?

Erik: Yes, BFS will be back in October. Those dates are getting sorted now and we’ll release them ASAP. As far as the Mulberry St. Socialites go, the bulk of the album will be recorded over the next couple of weeks, and the album should be released by the end of September. Full on touring plans won’t really get crazy until next year.

Jamie: One last question: Was Girl All The Bad Guys Want written about any particular girl or was it more of a general statement?

Erik: What do you think?….

Jaret & Erik begin the second annual Bowling For Soup UK acoustic tour April 1st in Cambridge at The Junction and finish up in London at Koko on the 15th. For a chance to win tickets to ANY of the shows on the tour and a whole load of other BFS goodies, check out the Rocksins Bowling For Soup contest (click here or on the banner in the sidebar).

Jaret and Erik BFS Acoustic Tour Dates:

Apr 01, 2011 The Junction Cambridge

Apr 02, 2011 Arts Centre Colchester

Apr 03, 2011 The Waterfront Norwich

Apr 04, 2011 The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton

Apr 05, 2011 Liquid Rooms Edinburgh

Apr 06, 2011 The Academy Dublin

Apr 07, 2011 The Cockpit Leeds

Apr 08, 2011 O2 Academy 2 Sheffield

Apr 09, 2011 Club Academy Manchester

Apr 10, 2011 Engine Shed Lincoln

Apr 11, 2011 The Sugarmill Stoke-on-Trent

Apr 12, 2011 O2 Academy 2 Leicester

Apr 13, 2011 O2 Academy 2 Oxford

Apr 14, 2011 Concorde 2 Brighton

Apr 15, 2011 KOKO London


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