Glamour Of The Kill Interview

Glamour Of The Kill

Our newest reporter Danni Page had chance to catch up with Davey from Glamour Of The Kill at their gig in Clwb Ifor Bach.

Danni: How’s the tour going?

Davey: Really well, I think we’re half way through the 29 dates now, so it’s um, it’s been a bit crazy so far but it’s been really well attended and stuff and it’s been a lot of fun; it’s good! It’s usually good to be on the road.

Danni: What’s been your favourite venue so far?

Davey: There’s been quite a few  really I couldn’t really pin point a certain one that I like the most but London was mental. Obviously our home town show was is always fun but urm, I think we’re just looking forward to tonight and Newcastle and Leeds.

Danni: What’s your favourite song to play live?

Davey: Urm, favourite song to play live? *sigh*. I don’t know really, I’d probably say the first song, urm, ah… Well the song called Supremacy which is number seven on our album. It’s just a good song to get the crowd started and jumping up and down and stuff.

Danni: Is that the first song you play?

Davey: Yeah. *laughs*I kind of gave it away there didn’t I? *laughs again*. Yeah, so Supremacy, yeah.

Danni: Are you planning to do any festivals this year?

Davey: Yeah, we’re planning to do a lot but none that I can tell just yet!

Danni: Ah, you can’t tell any?

Davey: No, *laughs* but you guys will be the first to know when we do confirm them.

Danni: Okay. What has been the response to your album?

Davey: It’s been amazing! We’re all just really excited to get this new album out really, it’s been so long since our EP so the feedback from the fans and the media has been really good, so we’re all really happy.

Danni: Have you got any plans for the next single?

Davey: We just actually shot a video yeah for ‘If Only She Knew’ which is the first song on the album, yeah, we just shot that with the same people that we did ‘Feeling Alive’ with Sitcom Soldiers, really cool guys. So yeah, it’s looking good and that’ll be out after this tour!

Danni: What are your plans for the rest of the year after the tour?

Davey: Well we do 29 dates of the UK and then have three days off.

Danni: Three days?

Davey: Yeah, *laughs* three amazing days off and then we head off into Europe, like mainland Europe. We do like 19 dates over there for like Milan, Amsterdam and Paris and stuff so yeah, we’re looking forward to that a lot and that’ll take us into festival season and we’ll play some festivals and then tour, tour, tour! We just want to play these new songs to everyone.

Danni: How did you come up with the name Glamour of the Kill?

Davey: When we changed our name we actually had a big list of loads of different names, loads of different urm really rubbish and then urm, we were actually drunk at a bar with one of our friends and he said ‘why don’t you call your band Glamour of the Kill?’ we were like ‘actually that sounds pretty cool’ so urm we yeah we went with that. It’s actually a line from a song by a band called urm… *pause* I want to tell you the name but I can’t tell you the name. Urm, I’ve actually forgotten the band name. Yeah, it’s actually a line in that song, it says ‘it’s all about the glamour of the kill’ so yeah that’s where we got it from.

Danni: Where do you get the inspiration for your songs?

Davey: I think the songs that you hear is just all of our influences kind of like, mixed up into one song really. I mean we love 80’s metal like Pantera, Metallica, Iron Maiden and stuff but we love like everything else as well. I mean, I was bought up listening to David Bowie, Bob Dylan and stuff so I don’t know really. Like I said, I think it’s just all our influences mixed into one. Lyric wise we just think of a really cool subject and write the lyrics on that. There’s no real personal lyrics just yet, I think we just think of a cool subject yeah and base the lyrics on that.

Danni: What was the inspiration for the ‘Feeling Alive’ video?

Davey: Urm, to be honest like Sitcom Soldiers came up with the idea for that video. I think it’s just meant to be a girl asleep on a bed. I don’t really know. She’s just like all passed out, feeling down and stuff. She kind of like gets ready and goes out like feeling alive… I don’t know. *Laughs.* But, it looks really cool so we’re happy with it *laughs* yeah, yeah.

Danni:  It’s unusual to see a band with a lead singer who’s also the bassist. What’s the reason behind this choice? I’m guessing it’s because you sing and play bass *laughs.*

Davey: *Laughs*. Yeah, because I sing and play bass really, yeah. I don’t know really, I mean, I think we just wanted to do something different that everyone else doesn’t do. We love bands like Thin Lizzy, Motorhead and stuff.  I think it’s just nice to do something different.

Danni: Have a unique point.

Davey: Yeah, definitely yeah. I think it is unique because you don’t really see that much these days do you?

Danni: What type of things do you do on the road? It must be boring.

Davey: Um, we play charades! No, um, I don’t know really. We do quite a lot of stuff, I mean we all listen to music and stuff; we’ve all got iPods and stuff. We just like to have a good time as well, like after we play, we go out for a few beers and stuff, get a bit too drunk but I think we just do things to keep us from going insane ‘cause being in a band with like six other guys for so many dates can make you go crazy.

Danni: How long is the tour as a whole? Is it like two months?

Davey: Yeah, yeah, 29 dates stretched over two months, so, it’s quite nasty but it’s fun, it’s fun. It’s just nice to be busy.

Cath: We’ve seen your latest tour video, saw like Mike going crazy and stuff.

Davey: Ah yeah, *laughs* when I throw a plectrum in his eye.

Danni: When he does the T-Rex thing, that was hilarious!

Davey: Yeah, that was funny.

Danni: We’ve only got one more question left; it’s a very short one. Are you looking forward to playing Cardiff tonight?

Davey: Of course, yeah! We’ve played Cardiff a few times before and it’s always an amazing show.

Cath + Danni: Have you always played here?

Davey: No. We’ve played… I mean I’ve played here myself, I supported Will from Aiden acoustically but no, we always play Barfly.

Cath: Ah, Barfly’s closed now.

Davey: Yeah, yeah, it’s closed now. We played Barfly with The Blackout and Kids In Glass Houses; that was our first ever show in Cardiff.

Danni: Ah, good show.

Davey: And then we’ve played with As I Lay Dying, Darkest Hour and stuff like that and we’ve played there a couple of times ourselves. So yeah, we love it here so we’re just looking forward to playing and then getting drunk!

Danni: *Laughs.* Okay, well that’s it thank you.

Davey: Thank you very much.


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