Anathema – We’re Here Because We’re Here

    I usually try to do a 250 word review. To be honest what I should have done with this one is write the word ‘Wow’ 250 times. It’s stunning, simply stunning. Having previously had very little experience of Anathema I listened to the album with zero expectations or preconceptions. What I was rewarded with is an absolute joy of a record. Each track is exquisite, steeped in emotion drawn from personal experiences. Inspirational, uplifting, moving, it’s all these and more. I’d better draw the reins in or I’m going to overcook this one.

    This is the first collection of new material since the 2003 release ‘A Natural Disaster’ and has been mixed by Steve Wilson (Porcupine Tree) who described it as ‘definitely among the best albums I’ve ever had the pleasure to work on.’ Where this album differs from so many others of the same ilk is the sheer level of intensity and passion that the band have managed to capture; be it the gentle, swathing of ‘Dreaming Light’ or the soar of ‘A Simple Mistake’ with it’s dramatic building of tension before the song literally climaxes and you’re left with a satisfied sense of calm. Here is the sound of band who are content in the music that they produce, a band who are undoubtedly producing music that moves them and this conveys to the listener. It’s an album that thoroughly warrants you pampering yourself with a decent set of headphones, closing your eyes and letting the music take you away.

    With there being such a long distance between albums, seven years, I would imagine there is a certain amount of pressure for Anathema to deliver a ground breaking album. What we have is a really cohesive album, emotional, passionate and absorbing. I don’t believe that Anathema have reached their personal summit yet, this band will continue to push forward leaving genres behind and paving their own path. So, back to where I started, ‘Wow’.


    Thin Air
    Summernight Horizon
    Dreaming Light
    Angels Walk Among Us
    A Simple Mistake
    Get Off Get Out

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