Black Breath – Heavy Breathing

Black Breath - Heavy Breathing Album Cover Artwork

Overall Score: 9/10
Artist: 6/10
Technicality: 7/10
Ability: 9/10

Ok, so we’re in June and this came out in March but this bad boy from Black Breath must have sneaked its way past me. Thankfully all is not lost as it has now found its way into my ears and what an aural sensation that is. Sonically this is nothing short of devastating, Kurt Ballou (Converge) delivering his typical crushing production to the mix, capturing what sounds like a riot in the studio. It’s an everything louder than everything else sound; in your face vocals, thick and muscular guitars, thunderous bass, all fused together with furious drums. Undeniably hardcore in roots but coated several times in metal, Black Breath is an absolute barnstormer of an album. Sound wise it reminds me of early Cursed which in every possible way is a good thing. Each member of the band play as if their lives depended on it, riff after riff rip their way through your speakers, this is all high energy, life affirming stuff played with the zeal of a band who have no pretences just passion for their music.

Highlights, well you can stick your finger in any of the ten tracks and you’ll pick a winner. If you like anything towards the heavier side of the metal spectrum then you simply cannot fail to embrace this album. Opener, ‘Black Sin (Spit On The Cross)’ with its frantic riff, roar of vocals before hitting you with a bobby dazzler of a midsection around the 2.21 marker complete with some splendidly snappy drumming . Or maybe ‘Escape From Death’ with its death metal overtone riff blending effortlessly with a more traditional hardcore stomper, ‘I Am Beyond’ is a cracking mix of early Converge style riffing which wanders into Pantera territory – honest! It’s gnarly, it’s abrasive but it’s also as catchy as you like.

Seriously, put your face in your speakers and breathe in some of the Black Breath.


  1. Black Sin (Spit On The Cross)
  2. Eat The Witch
  3. Escape From Death
  4. I Am Beyond
  5. Virus
  6. Heavy Breathing
  7. Children Of The Horn
  8. Unholy Virgin
  9. Wewhocannotbenamed


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