Boys With X-Ray Eyes – Oh My! How We Terrify


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    Combine Every Time I Die with The Dillinger Escape Plan and you basically have Boys with X-ray Eyes. Exceptionally eccentric and musically diverse BWXE combine Mathcore guitar sounds with a hardcore aggression to give a fresh, often piercing sound. Opener Hotrod shows their influences in seconds with riff after riff of bizarre, yet alluring tones and textures. The vocals are harsh yet often pleasing; melodies are found from nowhere and have a very Keith Buckley feel to it. Electro The Human Lightning Bolt has one of the biggest hooks on the EP whilst ‘Sickest Bar in Town’ is a schizophrenic display of technical musicianship.

    What may appear to be noise to some, the more open minded metal fan will find solace in an abundance of peculiar sounds. Not for everyone’s taste but a good band none the less; it’s safe to say we’re looking forward to seeing what these boys from South Wales do next. With a release expected to drop some time during 2011, expect to see these boys floating around the end of year lists come December.

    For Fans of: Every Time I Die, the Dillinger Escape Plan and anything slightly bat-shit crazy



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