Cinders Fall – The Reckoning

    Cinders Fall are a 6 Piece metal band from Essex UK. we recently got hold of their second release “The Reckoning”. The Album to me is a mix of metal and death metal, not heavy enough to be classed as death metal, but with a vocal that wants to be in there.

    The album starts off well with “Dead Zone”, a powerful heavy track, akin to bands such as machine head, very rhythmic and fast like a thrash tune, but then the vocals kicks in, a bit too much for my liking, i like to hear the lyrics and enjoy the vocals, not have them constantly screamed at me all the time, and at no point do the vocals let up. But hey thats just my opinion.

    Im not going to write too much about the band, as it is very one-sided. Cinders Fall have gone down very well with some reviewers so its better for me to show you their reviews as im not a very big fan (well i would be with a decent vocalist!)

    Big Cheese (UK) – Rating: 4/5
    “…It contains a ridiculous amount of epic riffs that attack the ears in the best way possible…in truth, every single track here is gold. Powerful, punishing and chaotic – they’re a breath of fresh air.”

    Power Play Magazine (UK) Rating: 7 / 10
    “The EP sounds more deliberate, taking on a more serious edge, which comes to the floor on the title track and begins with a hypnotic rasping riff. My opinion about this band playing modern metal in the way it should be played has not changed one iota and if anything I expect the band to be thrust forth into greater things in the future. Be sure to check out these UK metallers as they have the potential of becoming a top class metal outfit.”

    Zero Tolerance Magazine (UK) Rating: 4.5 / 6
    “Its always good to see a British band with so much promise – and Cinders Fall have that in spades. For a young band, they spew forth one hell of a cultivated sound that could easily be confused for In Flames or Dark Tranquillity when they were more metal and less progressive. They really understand what makes a great song, and they know how to use a great riff and garnish it with all the right harmonies and solos…these boys will go a long way.”

    Room Thirteen (UK) Rating: 12 / 13:
    “Another seriously good EP of no messing, full on and aggressive metal from UK six piece Cinders Fall. It’s really great to hear they haven’t compromised their sound at all since their last EP’The Bridge Between’, they’re still all about the noise with no hint of any lightweight crooning or lapses into cheesy screamo nonsense, even on the final track’The Reckoning’ which brings in a more melodic sound. This new batch of tracks again mixes up thrash drums, intense and complex riffs and death metal style vocals to produce something seriously heavy but with hooks and melodic undertones. Technically they never fail to impress, with those trademark inventive and tuneful guitars adding so much to each powerhouse tune, it’s shocking they aren’t every metal fan’s favourite band…A sure fire cure for any cravings you may have for a dose of’proper’ metal.”

    Subba-Cultcha (UK)
    …Cinders Fall are a band yearning to break out of the underground and into the hearts of the metal masses. ‘The Reckoning’ is a 20-minute declaration of this and comes out guns blazing…Influences from all over the metal map (Gothenburg, UK and USA are all represented here) are mixed to create a huge sound that other UK bands should be stepping up to try and attain. ‘The Reckoning’ shows promise in droves and if Cinders Fall continue to travel down their current ‘epic metal’ path then we could well see some of the most anthemic heavy music to come out of the UK in a long time.

    Alternative Vision (UK) – Rating: 5/5
    “Cinders Fall are one of the best thrash metal bands that the UK has produced in a long time.”

    Track listing:

    01. Dead Zone
    02. The Sorrow
    03. Beyond Existence
    04. I Inside
    05. The Reckoning

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