Daath – The Concealers

    I love this time of year, comparing the top albums of the year lists in various publications against the one in my head. It seems that a good chunk of what was on my metal radar didn’t show up on theirs. To that end I felt compelled to drag myself from under the mountain of wrapping paper and turkey sandwiches and review a few albums that I feel deserve the recognition for contributing to what has been a vintage year for metal. Here is the first of my personal favourites, Daath.

    Daath, pronounced ?d???. (I know this is fact, I checked this on Wiki and that helped me exactly 0%) hail from Atlanta and on this, their third album, have produced an absolute belter. There is no dilly dallying around as the album kicks off with ‘Sharpen The Blades’, a frenzied off kilter affair which warms the listener up for what they are about to receive. Musically it has comparisons to DevilDriver but with an air of the Gothenburg sound particularly in the soloing department. The strength of the album lies in the songs. Each track delivers a barrage of riffs & melodies all accompanied by the powerhouse rhythm section and the roar of Sean Zatorsky on vocals. If you want to dip you toes in the Daath water then I’d suggest ‘The Worthless’ which showcases what the album really has to offer. It’s also a great track to listen to on headphones to hear the nuances on the riffs and some intricate drum patterns. And as for the solo, well Emil Werstler scuttles up and down the fretboard like a man possessed.

    So why does this album differ from a whole host of other metal releases in 09? They are not reinventing the wheel, they have not carved a new niche in an already crowded market and sound wise there is little to separate themselves from the pack. The difference is the quality and consistency of the album. You find yourself hitting rewind and not fast forward. There is no self-indulgent moments here just raw, honest metal that is played with a passion.


    Track Listing:

    1. “Sharpen the Blades”
    2. “Self-Corruption Manifesto”
    3. “The Worthless”
    4. “The Unbinding Truth”
    5. “Silenced”
    6. “Wilting on the Vine”
    7. “Translucent Potency”
    8. “Day of Endless Light”
    9. “Duststorm”
    10. “…of Poisoned Sorrows”
    11. “Incestuous Amplification”

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