Enemy Reign – Means To A Dead End

    Originating from Denver, Colorado, ENEMY REIGN is a band that does not adhere to the restrictions of a closed minded genre. Not afraid to draw influence from Early 90’s Death Metal, late 80’s Grindcore, East Coast Hardcore, and Bay Area Thrash, friends and fans have coined the term “metal for metalheads”

    Metal for Metalheads this debut EP most definitely is, and the band have no hesitation in showing you exactly what they are about with the first track “Command”, which kicks in with blast beats heavy enough to make even the most seasoned metal veteran headbang with delight.

    The blast beats continue on into track two – “Isolate” which does a lot better job of mixing the constant blast beats in with some perfectly matched  heavy rhythm grooves to complete the song. The same can be said about all tracks on this album, which is that you will notice the vocals are unrelenting and aggressive, but still fit well with the band dynamic as a whole.

    My concern with the EP is that at times the listener may start to feel that each track sounds a lot like the last. This may be to the slight overuse of Blast beats, and similar vocal patterns, but as most metalheads will probably agree…it doesn’t matter when youre thrashing out to something this heavy!

    The pace throughout the EP is relentless and full of anger, showing even on the bands first record that they have no problem creating something so heavy it almost feels like your ears are being split five different ways in some sort of cannibalistic ritual.

    Unfortunately this EP is not to a lot of listeners tastes, however it is definitely recommended if you like your metal hard, heavy, fast and angry.

    Means To A Dead End Tracklisting:

    01. Command
    02. Isolate
    03. Means To A Dead End
    04. Throw Myself To The Wolves
    05. Abuse

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