Falling Red – Shake The Faith

    Falling Red - Shake The Faith Album Cover

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    In an industry of manufactured one hit wonders, Falling Red, have produced quite possibly the most vital Rock album since Guns N Roses delivered Appetite For Destruction.

    Super-charged high octane anthems that take you to the sleazy side of town, intoxicate you, then kick your ass UFC style. Falling Red aren’t Saturday evening family entertainment, they are a glimpse back to the heady, rebellious days (or daze) of 70s Punk & 80s Sunset Strip.

    They have that essential raw energy that demands attention because you just know their undying enthusiasm is going to take them to the hearts of a brand new generation of Rock fans. Songs such as “How You Feel (on me)”, “Out Of Control” & “You Were Out To Get Me” are screaming to hit Rock Radio’s playlists. But where Falling Red’s strengths are quadrupled are live onstage. This is a four piece band in which all four members are the frontman.

    They slice up every stage as if performing in an arena in front of twenty thousand screaming fans. They give it blood, sweat & tears to entertain an audience – and no one goes home disappointed.

    “Shake The Faith” is a classic rock album that’ll look good in anyones record collections, right between Guns N’ Roses and Steel Panther. Except this band isnt a joke, its back to classic rock with tracks that make you wanna dance with slash esque solos and a high vocal range to help kick start any party.

    If there ever was an album that’ll make you wanna drink and party, this is it. It makes you wanna grab your woman, get wasted and do crazy things, and in a market of mass produced bands, samey songs, its definatly refreshing to hear this classic rock debut album from the Cumbrian four piece.

    So go out now, buy it, support this band, ’cause its a refreshing piece of classic rock you all need to hear.


    1. How You Feel
    2. Thrive
    3. Out Of Control
    4. You Were Out To Get Me
    5. Sue You For Your Soul
    6. Immoral Heights Of A Lowlife
    7. No Good, So Wrong, So Right
    8. Shake The Faith


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