Flood Of Red – Leaving Everything Behind

    The debut album from the Scottish 6 sum is defiantly one to catch if your fans of moody, punchy guitar riffs and vocal harmony that leave your jaw hitting the floor.

    The album starts out with a mellow, thought-provoking track titled “the edge of the world” that seems like it was made for the movies, a brilliant and slow start to an edgy sharp album, and continues with feature packed tracks that make the album best to listen to from start to finish.

    Tracks such as ‘Little Lovers’ and ‘I Am The Speechless’ show hints of the bands adventures and upbringing, full of feelings and raw emotions, which is a running undercurrent of the album.

    One to watch for fans of  Biffy Clyro, The Editors and Interpol.

    Just when you think the debate about music distribution and downloading couldn’t get any cloudier, Flood Of Red elects to shun the standard and offer the release of their debut album via variety of bundles from their website starting from just $6.99. Purchase it here.


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