Forever Never – Forever Never

    Forever Never are a Metal band from Essex, UK with something a little bit extra than your average metal band, drawing influences from a wider scope than you might expect. Rhythmical, heavy and dripping with melodic twists and technical turns, Forever never take inspiration from Meshuggah, Michael Jackson and Mint condition in equal measures.

    The albums starts out with a heavy hitting and melodic track Empty Promises, showing why the band where support for such bands as Stone Sour, Breed 77, Madina Lake, Ill Nino and skindred. Empty promises sums up Forever Never, perfectly formed guitar riffs, with Renny’s vocals shining over, to create  heavy, melodic songs which would sit well in anyone’s metal collections.

    Forever Never really are a credit to the Uk Music scene, as tracks such as Empty Promises and Lost Forever show real emotion shining through into their music. Tracks such as Broken Kingdom, Break The Trend and Eradicated show the band are far from emo, with double bass to blow your ears off and classic metal styling that leave you singing the lyrics for days.

    Forever Never – Self Titled Track Listing
    1 Empty Promises
    2 Broken Kingdom
    3 Never Enough
    4 Break the Trend
    5 T.I.T.S
    6 Lost Forever
    7 Eradicated Intro
    8 Eradicated
    9 Exitdose
    10 Living Daydream
    11 Send Me a Sign
    12 The Art of Self Denial
    13 No More Tomorrow


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