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    Over there, in the corner of the room, are a list of verbs and adjectives that I usually throw in most reviews; brutal, crushing and devastating. They are glaring at some new boys who have sauntered into the review repertoire, Fabulous is leading the way along with Super and any minute now Camp will be shimmying his way into the room. And so, we are ready for the full on, high pomp that is Foxy Shazam.

    Imagine this if you may, the Scissor Sisters recruit perm haired 70’s sensation Leo Sayer into the fold. He brings along his Hairspray soundtrack and a few Queen albums. Hello, who’s that at the door? Why it’s The Darkness (Justin Hawkins does actually appear on the album) who add an element of ‘rock’ to the mix. And voila , we have the format for latest Foxy Shazam album. A fabulous mix of rock, motown, pop and all things catchy. Every song ramps up the camp to levels that would make Christopher Biggins blush. ‘Count Me Out’, featuring the aforementioned Justin Hawkins, is loaded with hooks and just when you think it couldn’t get anymore the final chorus hits you with a euphoric key change that could possibly have you swapping your corpse paint for Max Factor creme puff.

    With only two songs falling short of the mark, ‘Connected’ which sounds like a generic 80’s soul b-side and ‘The Only Way To My Heart’ that is more over the top than John Barrowman performing a Muse medley, the album is brimming with quality songs that whilst are eclectic in style all sound unmistakably Foxy Shazam. An album that’s as camp as a pantomime but equally as enjoyable, you just need to leave your inhibitions at the door.

    It will certainly not be to everyone’s taste and will polarize opinion. Many will embrace it’s pomp and grandeur goodness but equally it’s unlikely to win over musical elitists. Personally I adhere to a strict policy of listening to music that I enjoy and this album has filled me with that real sense of joy. The type of album that in places put a smile that I could barely fit on my face. In summary, simply fabulous.



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