Furyon – Gravitas

    Furyon, hailing from Brighton, released their debut album ‘Gravitas’ on June 23rd. On the same day they also pushed out 120,000 copies of their ‘Underdog’ EP with ‘Classic Rock’ magazine in what is a bit of a coup for an unsigned band.

    Produced by Rick Beato (Shinedown, Fozzy) with a traditional classic British rock sound that is almost tailor made to bother the American market, the album opens with ‘Disappear Again’. After one spin of this track, the chorus had marched its way into my cerebral cortex and pitched base camp; it’s been there ever since. Then there is the exquisite solo. Oh my, it sweeps and soars and just simply oozes class with every note. Idyllic lead single material that any self-respecting rock band would sell their souls for. And as we delve deeper into the album, the band flex their song writing muscles further. There are most definitely songs that are destined to be stadium fillers but equally Furyon provide the dynamics in longer, progressive and thoughtful tracks such as ‘Souvenirs’ or ‘Desert Suicide’ where they meander and evolve. As the album draws to a close you are left wondering just exactly why it is that this band is still unsigned? It has the songs, in fact it has some seriously brilliant songs. The mind boggles.

    Sound wise there are similarities to the likes of Shinedown and Black Stone Cherry but Furyon have more than enough songs and hooks in their arsenal to compete with any of the big boys. We have pitch squeals, tapping and all sorts of fretboard acrobatics but it’s never at the expense of overshadowing the song; Furyon boast not one but two ‘killer’ guitarists in Chris Green and Pat ‘The Shred’ Heath. The vocals are emphatically delivered by Matt Mitchell in a husky, whisky soaked Chris Cornell-esque tone and everything is held down by the rock solid rhythm section of Lee Farmery and Alex ‘Nickel’ Bowen.

    Furyon have a sound that is both technically impressive and ridiculously infectious. I’d be amazed if they didn’t make a massive leap forward on the back of this, to be honest I’d be gutted if they didn’t.


    1. Disappear Again
    2. Stand Like Stone
    3. Souvenirs
    4. Don’t Follow
    5. New Way Of Living
    6. Voodoo You
    7. Fear Alone
    8. Wasted On You
    9. Peace Some Day
    10. Desert Suicide

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