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    Up and coming Manchester metal band Gone Till Winter have been slowly but surely building a dedicated legion of fans over the last couple of years, and so Rocksins has decided to check out the band, and review their self titled mini-album.

    Immediately reminding you of Lacuna Coil, infused with stylings of Dream Theatre and Nightwish, it’s no surprise that Gone Till Winter have already been signed to independent label “Headroom Records”.

    Listing to the Mini-album, no time is wasted giving the listener exactly what they want to hear – double bass drumming and some great metal guitar riffs on the first track “constant retreat”. If you haven’t heard Gone Till Winter before now then the female vocals may throw you off at first, but as you’ll soon discover… they perfectly match the musical style the band have created for themselves over the years.

    The second song on the self-titled mini-album is also their first single “Hear Me”. The song contains everything you would want to hear in a single, and more – with its brilliant guitar and keyboard work, catchy vocals and even a perfectly timed, elegant solo. Check out the video below:

    The rest of the mini-album is full of great moments which will keep you listening for ages to come – for instance the first time you hear the third track “Violated Within”, and think to yourself about how odd, but unique the guitar riffs are at the start, or the brilliantly timed and heavy breakdown on track 4 “Ultimate Reality”.

    You can tell that the band is a well oiled machine, and if they keep pushing themselves will definitely start to get noticed in the metal scene.

    This is definitely a band to listen to and watch if you’re into female fronted bands, or prefer the style of bands such as Lacuna Coil and Nightwish.

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