Heights – From Sea To Sky

    From Sea To Sky Album Cover

    The world of progressive post-rock is a difficult genre for a band to stand out from the crowd. With so many bands persuing the repeated trickle of notes for several minutes that eventually builds into an all too predictable crescendo, it is refreshing to hear that Heights have taken a different path along their soundscape.

    The three piece from Reading comprising of Al Heslop, John Hopkin & Jay Postones (TesseracT) perform an intricate, nay delicate, brand of post rock that is best suited to the headphone experience. Whilst there are all the hallmarks of Explosions In The Sky, Vessels and a whole host of Mogwai spawned homages, Heights deviate from the plan with how expansive their output is. The clean guitar is swathed in echo, gentle tapping is prominent throughout giving a spacious and atmospheric feel to the album. With the faintest hint of distortion, the power of this work lies not in the inevitable culmination in wall of sound as is so often the genre way but in the quality and cohesiveness of the output.

    It would be difficult to pinpoint standout moments but the title track for me delivers everything that the band are about. The album features 2 tracks followed by a 5 piece movement, Symphony For The Sky, which isn’t as pretentious as you may imagine. From the euphoric to the reflective, Heights manage to capture and convey an array of emotions throughout.

    Track Listing:

    Of Wind And Air
    From Sea To Sky
    Symphony For The Sky : Movement I
    Symphony For The Sky : Movement II
    Symphony For The Sky : Movement III
    Symphony For The Sky : Movement IV
    Symphony For The Sky : Movement V



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