HeKz – Orfeo

    HeKz are a band screeching and squealing out of england and straight into the new wave of traditional heavy metal with all the bombast and bravado of their heroes. The Bedfordshire based quartet, HeKz are hi-octane rockers with intricate and meandering epics, they’ll take you on a journey through all things musical and mythical without loosing that much-needed sense of fun.

    HeKz stick to a very traditional sound, akin to Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and many others, and sticking to the roots of heavy metal bear well for HeKz. Punchy guitar, squealing guitar solos and breakdowns that just get you bobbing your head.

    The first couple of tracks of the bands Orfeo EP make you think, these could be iron maiden covers, but the band are far from just a copy, they use all their tricks to go beyond that, adding their own flair, style and vocals that were sure will see them fill venues all across the country.

    HeKz are defiantly a band that you want to see live, but they need to branch off more to become a style of their own, which does come across in the 10 minute epic Don’t Turn Back,¬†and the band should defiantly focus on this sound, and it shows they have more than sticking to classic patterns that make iron maiden¬†what they are

    Track Listing:

    1. When Darkness Falls (5:04)
    2. Breakout (4:24)
    3. Dead of Night (4:20)
    4. Don’t Turn Back (10:25)

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