Illuminatus – The Rising Tide

Illuminatus - The Rising Tide Album Cover Artwork

Overall Score: 5/10
: /10
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: /10

Illuminatus are one Spaniard, one German, one Italian and one English gent. they deal in expansive soundscapes, razor-shard dynamics and no-nonsense melodic song-writing. For illuminatus there exsists no secene;no bandwagon; no fashion war.

The Debut album ‘The Wrath Of The Lambs‘ has already gained the attention of the press, great reviews in kerrang!, Metal Hammer and airplay on Bruce dickinson’s BBC6 Rock Show.

The album starts of with ‘Cave In‘ flowing from an intro which sounds like deftones,  kicking into a muse style riff then back to a powerful guitar backed, deep sounding vocal that catches your attention.

The Second track ‘Red‘ brings back that muse feel, melodic drumming, simple yet powerful guitar, and a growly low vocal melody, before kicking in heavy sounding like something we would normally hear from killswitch engage. The track ends will a breakdown that leaves you speechless and makes you feel tuned into the music, and leaves you wanting more from the band.

The Rising Tide‘ starts out with a catchy guitar riff, breaking down into a melodic, emotional verse before hitting back at you full force with more passion than ever.

The last track is an acoustic version of ‘Wargasm‘ showing stripped down, raw talent from the band and a brilliant ending to the album.


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