Imicus – Animal Factory

    Imicus - Animal Factory Album Cover
    Imicus - Animal Factory

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    I’ve been wrestling with this review for nearly 2 weeks now. The issue I have is, just how do I describe Imicus? You see it’s fairly easy to pigeonhole a band’s sound and compare them to various peers but in the case of Imicus what we have is a release of maturity and confidence that belies what you would normally expect from a debut.

    Strong song writing, a muscular sound with faultless vocals, add to that a spankingly good production and what you have is Imicus. With a style that has elements of Katatonia, Ghost Brigade & Tool, Imicus have drawn on their varying influences to produce a synergy of sound. This is a band brimming with confidence, tracks are given time to breathe and evolve, the result being an emotional and often stirring album. Take ‘The Butterfly Effect’, from the 2 minute point the track descends into soundscape territory, a single repeated riff that builds and lifts until a perfectly fitting solo lands in your ears. Lead track ‘Visceral’, similarly demonstrates how the band can shift dynamics within a song to stunning effect. All in all, this is intelligent, forward thinking music; it is not a quick candy fix with disposable melodies but an album that grows with every listen.

    So, should you like your metal with plenty of meat on the bone then I would strongly recommend you give them some of your time. The album is currently gaining a buzz on the pre-order chart with HMV and with such a firm foundation in a quality debut release, Imicus are another exciting act in the Transcend stable and a promising prospect for the future of UK metal.


    1. Animal Factory
    2. Visceral
    3. Inveigle
    4. An Isolation Dawn
    5. The Butterfly Effect
    6. Wither
    7. Killer Lies
    8. Veiled Oedema
    9. Keep Your Halo
    10. The Icarus Principle

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