InMe – Herald Moth

inme - herald moth

Following up from their ambitious last album “Daydream Anonymous”, InMe are back, pushing their talent even further with the release of Herald Moth.

It’s been two years since the release of Daydream Anonymous, and plenty has changed with InMe, the most notable being the inclusion of the bands 4th member – Ben Konstantinovic, who takes on the duties of lead guitarist.

From the moment the first track “You Won’t Hear From Me Again” on Herald Moth blasts out from your speakers, you can immediately feel how the addition of their new guitarist adds a new dimension to the band. It has allowed InMe to push their boundaries and evolve their music to a level not heard on previous albums. This continues throughout the album at a relentless pace, showing all of the band members have pushed themselves as hard as they can in creating Herald Moth.

Belief Revival is definitely the best song on the album showcasing just how strong and hard hitting Dave’s vocal talents are. catchy vocals, Ben’s technical ability on guitar all showing just good the four piece are, and how mature the “InMe sound” has gotten.

Nova Armada shows A darker side of InMe, with a hard hitting metal-esq start, it then kicks in to what InMe do best, writing catchy songs with great vocal hooks. The Art Of Moderation kicks in much heavier, but doesnt slow down as much as Nova does, staying to the heavier side of InMe’s unique sound.

Herald moth has a couple of mellow songs on it, All Terrain vehicle and I Will Honour you, with I Will Honour you being the better of the two. Both showcase a mature and deep side to InMe, which feels like its come from Dave McPherson’s Solo work.

Title Track: Single Of The Weak

The first single to come from Herald Moth is the not so serious, but immensely catchy song “Single Of The Weak”. When first listening to the song you will immediately pick out the cheesy verse stylings, however the song soon breaks off into its distinct chorus, echoing the catchy vocals of “Whats that shit on the radio” – A line bound to be stuck in your head for days after listening to this track.

Single Of The Weak manages to hold its own unique place on the album, from the varying styles blending together, to one of Ben’s signature solo’s which, although may not be as technical as other songs, is crafted beautifully to effortlessly flow with the rest of the track. Ferocity Of Desire is definitely a close second to this track, would be another good single from the album.

Standout Moments:

Dave McPherson showing his unique vocal range and ability to its best on the albums second track ” Belief Revival”

Ben Konstantinovic’s solo on track six “The Art Of Moderation”, showcasing some of his brilliant technical skills on guitar, leaving no doubt that he is a great addition to the band.

Tagline of the album:

“Whats that shit on the radio”

The main chorus from the song “Single Of The Weak” will bring a smile to your face the moment you hear it, as well as making you think of InMe every time you switch on the radio at work and hear all of the artificially created, corporate rubbish being played on mainstream radio.


Herald Moth, from a technical standpoint is a superbly tight and to date, one of InMe’s greatest masterpieces, helped by the addition of Ben Konstantinovic to make the album sound so much more evolved than previously.

If the standout tracks “Belief Revival”, “The Art Of Moderation” and “A Mouthful Of Loose Teeth” are anything to go by then we are almost certain to see InMe reach all new heights when they go back to the studio to record their next album.

Sound Like: Silverchair, Nirvana, Enter Shikari.
Best Song of the Album: Belief Revival.
Catchiest lyrics: “WHATS THAT SHIT ON THE RADIO, sounds like they made it, so they can make it”.

Track listing:

    • You Won’t Hear from Me Again
    • Belief Revival
    • Nova Armada
    • All Terrain Vehicle
    • Captain Killjoy
    • The Art of Moderation
    • Single of the Weak
    • Ferocity in Desire
    • Happy to Disappoint You
    • I Will Honour You
    • A Mouthful Of Loose Teeth
    • Master Storm

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