Jesaiah – Et Tu, Hope


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    Jesaiah are a swedish based hardcore metal band who hooked up in 2006, but have untill now found the thought of putting an album down intimidating. The band wanted to make an album that was diverse, but would hold together.

    They collaborated for the first time with a producer to create Et Tu, Hope which was a huge wake up call for them, but a hugely worthwhile process.

    Et Tu, Hope is an album with chaotic lyrics, aggressive complex hardcore riffs with the odd instrumental melodic segment thrown in here and there. Jessiah’s influences shine through here with bands such as Converge and the Chariot, with more experimental bands such as Meshuggah and The Dullinger Escape Plan also showing through.

    The album is well-produced and has a sound which is so raw, untied and free roaming, and the beauty is created when the “post-rock” breaks out in the metal songs. You can’t see it coming, but when it comes; it grabs hold of you and your perceptions will never be the same again.

    The album was produced by Björn Olszewski (Meleeh) and recorded by Magnus Björk (The Bocadillio Palace) and Mikael Nordström (Garaget Studio). The european release date is October 9, and the release date for the UK is November 14.

    Et Tu, hope Track listing

    01 Fill Your Hands With Chaos
    02 This night, We Share Every Breath
    03 We’re Almost Dead, No Time for Rational Thinking
    04 Deflower Me
    05 Music Noir
    06 L’âme, Prison Du Corps
    07 Great Big Whale
    08 I’m Saving My Flower For You Goat Boy
    09 Let’s Dance Under a Sky of Distortion
    10 And Sing to the Tunes of the End


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